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Written by Matt Clyburn   
Friday, 28 October 2016 12:21

Take Command - 2nd Manassas has been released on Steam!  Pick it up now for less than the price of your average pizza.  :)

Click here to purchase on Steam!

Posted: 1 year ago by the reb #74307
Thanks Little Powell....I just needed clarification....
Posted: 1 year ago by Little Powell #74291
You don't have to purchase anything, reb. I'm simply stating that any purchase made from NSD/MMG/TC2M/SOW (it's all one company) helps support future efforts from us. Whether it being ACW, Napoleonics, etc. etc.

We released TC2M on steam because we've been getting hounded with emails for over a year now.

If people still enjoy it and want it why not make it easier to access it.
Posted: 1 year ago by the reb #74288
Hi Little Powell,

So what going on with recommending repurchasing TC2M on Steam? Granted it's only $10.00, but what does the consumer really get for the $10.00 this time around. I'm confused when you stated the purchase will help support future games (assuming TC2M) from us? But what about more support for the American Civil War SOW?

with king regards,
the reb....
Posted: 1 year ago by Little Powell #74229
Purchasing it on Steam will help support future games from us. But you can add any game to your Steam library. We are looking into extra features for the Steam version.
Posted: 1 year ago by Hohenstaufen #74228
We who already bought and own the Physical copy, any chance for us to get the game on Steam instead or do we have to buy it again because some new features or such things?

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