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Written by Matt Clyburn   
Saturday, 08 April 2017 14:33

Wavre is finally here!

Scourge of War: Wavre will put you in command of the French forces of the aile droite of the l'Armée du Nord lead by Marshal Groucy, or hold the line with the Prussians of Johann von Thielmann and protect the rear of Blucher’s Army!

Are you ready to fight in the last battle of the Napoleonic Wars?

Grab the game here!

Scourge of War: Wavre is available also on Steam!

Posted: 8 months ago by Asid #75233
Mini map and game map here
Posted: 8 months ago by Jim #75229
Attached file.
Posted: 8 months ago by Saddletank #75224
Anyone playing this and could give some screenshots that show the map, minimap, etc please?
Posted: 8 months, 1 week ago by RebBugler #75205
roy64 wrote:
DarkRob wrote:
Meanwhile my first regiment had finished capturing the artillery, who then became French artillery)

I thought artillery was meant to surrender now instead of being captured?

Just with cavalry. Infantry still depends on how the OOB is structured.
Posted: 8 months, 1 week ago by Saddletank #75202
NSD said there was no gameplay update so the stupid artillery capture mechanic is still in there making the game seem like a cartoon.

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