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16 Sep 2009
We like to keep a friendly forum. That means no flame wars, no content not suitable for all audiences. We have an unmoderated section of our board called Rant & Rave. There you can post whatever you want. If you break these rules, we'll move your posts to R&R. If you continue we'll ban you. We have found that mutual respect creates a great community, so that's how we'd like to keep it. In order to access the R&R forum, you'll have to request it. Email me or post on the forum and we'll add you to the list. Due to the often volatile nature of topics such as politics and religion, we have also decided to restrict those topics to R&R as well. This makes our moderation duties easier

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Scourge of War - Waterloo

NorbSoftDev announced that their next title will move them across the sea.
Let's talk about the issues in converting the SOW engine to handle Waterloo. Ideas, suggestions, feature requests, comments.
219 Topics 1644 Replies
by RebBugler
6 days, 2 hours ago
A section for Waterloo videos, screenshots and fan art. Post any of your creations here!
34 Topics 201 Replies
Last Post: Re: AI tutorial
by mitra76
3 weeks, 1 day ago
Questions on the new sandbox campaign for Waterloo can go here.
21 Topics 135 Replies
by mitra76
2 weeks, 4 days ago
A dedicated section to start arranging MP games and groups for our new engine, Waterloo!
19 Topics 126 Replies
by Saddletank
1 week ago
Any technical questions for Waterloo go here!
116 Topics 785 Replies
by mcaryf
8 minutes ago
A new scenario/battle editor is in development and should be following hot on the heels of Waterloo - any questions can go here.
12 Topics 137 Replies
by mcaryf
1 week, 3 days ago
A new section for modding SOW Waterloo. Ask questions, post tips here.
77 Topics 690 Replies
Last Post: Map - Quick note
by MarkT
2 hours, 36 minutes ago

Scourge of War - Gettysburg

The first game from the NSD Team!
Let's talk about Gettysburg! Put your questions and comments here.
Moderators: Shirkon, Chamberlain, Flanyboy
1912 Topics 14.22k Replies
by stonewalljackson
8 hours, 18 minutes ago
Game won't run. Keeps crashing. Hopefully we won't get any posts here, but if we do, we'll try to help you out. You can also post any bugs that you find here. IMPORTANT: Don't post mod related problems here!
Moderators: Shirkon, Chamberlain, Flanyboy
983 Topics 7629 Replies
by tominrichmond
1 week, 3 days ago
Stuck in a part of the game. Here's where the Grogs help the Newbies. Share your best strategies for winning and try someone elses.
Moderators: Shirkon, Chamberlain, Flanyboy
275 Topics 2541 Replies
by Irish Brigade
1 week ago
This is where we discuss anything multiplayer. From strategies, arranging games, to multiplayer related technical help. You will also find tournament and league information here.
Moderators: Shirkon, Chamberlain, Flanyboy
526 Topics 3740 Replies
by KG_Soldier
2 weeks, 4 days ago
Here is where we discuss the official add-on packs for Scourge Of War: Gettysburg.
Moderators: Shirkon, Chamberlain, Flanyboy
75 Topics 896 Replies
by Roberbond
2 months, 1 week ago
This is where our experts try to teach you the very flexible modding system for our previous release - SOW Gettysburg and its add-ons. It's powerful, but dangerous. Post your tips and your questions.
Napoleonic Era(127/2645)
Moderators: Shirkon, Chamberlain, Flanyboy
1021 Topics 13.04k Replies
by the reb
1 hour, 2 minutes ago
This is where you can share your Scourge Of War movies (YouTube, etc.) with the community
Moderators: Shirkon, Chamberlain, Flanyboy
28 Topics 147 Replies
by David70
1 year, 4 months ago
Here we solicit numbers from members concerning anything regarding historical numbers that affect a Civil War simulation: hit rates, rates of fire, casualty rates, movement rates, you name it. The idea is that we're really trying to get the numbers for the game right.
19 Topics 209 Replies
by Isaac_Brock
2 years, 11 months ago

Civil War Defense - iPhone App

This is the forum for the new NorbSoftDev iPhone game - Civil War Defense. Using the sprites and OOBs from SOWGB, we put them in a tower defense game. We hope that the increased exposure will grow out community.
Moderators: Shirkon, Chamberlain, Flanyboy
10 Topics 54 Replies
by Blaugrana
3 years, 5 months ago
Threads discussing NSD news items from the front page.
Moderators: Shirkon, Chamberlain, Flanyboy
264 Topics 1966 Replies
Last Post: Re: Steam Release
by con20or
2 months, 3 weeks ago
General Question/Answer/Announcement about NSD. We are a small independent game development team and we value our community. If you ask, we'll answer.
Moderators: Shirkon, Chamberlain, Flanyboy
242 Topics 3291 Replies
by norb
8 months, 3 weeks ago
Moderators: Shirkon, Chamberlain, Flanyboy
33 Topics 137 Replies
by Saddletank
2 weeks, 3 days ago
Moderators: Shirkon, Chamberlain, Flanyboy
288 Topics 2190 Replies
Last Post: Looking for a book
by stonewalljackson
1 week, 2 days ago
Here you can talk about whatever floats your boat. Your favorite movie, sports team, etc. If it's a little racey, I suggest you post in R&R, otherwise we'll move it for you.
Other Games(382/1278)
Moderators: Shirkon, Chamberlain, Flanyboy
1123 Topics 5323 Replies
by Chamberlain
3 days, 9 hours ago

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