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GCM Gameplay Differences
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TOPIC: GCM Gameplay Differences

GCM Gameplay Differences 8 months, 3 weeks ago #1

Hello All,

I was wondering if there was a list on what are the changes to gameplay with using the GCM mod? Thanks

Re: GCM Gameplay Differences 8 months, 2 weeks ago #2

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There's a text file included with the download:

Infantry - Fatigue

- Regiments gain fatigue very quickly when moving double-quick.
- Regiments that are tired are much less effective at both shooting and charging.
- Regiments rest when they are not fighting or moving.

Infantry - Morale

- Morale starts at high, and will go down as a unit takes casualties.
- Commanders give a morale boost to regiments they are near. This boost disappears as soon as the commander is no longer nearby.
- Regiments may fall back or retreat without orders when their morale reaches 'uneasy', or sooner if they are undisciplined.
- If a regiment breaks but does not rout, it will eventually stop retreating and it can then be rallied.
- To rally, send a commander to the regiment. Rallying does not take long, but the regiment will only recover some of its lost morale.
- Commanders will boost morale or rally any regiments within their radius.
- The radius depends on the level of command -- Brigade: 50yds, Division: 100yds, Corps: 150yds, Army: 250yds
- Regiments that are under shell or shrapnel fire will lose additional morale even if they are not taking casualties.
- Regiments that are hit in the flank will lose morale five times faster than if they are hit in the front.
- When a unit reaches 60% casualties it will rout off the field regardless of morale, giving enemy units nearby a big boost to morale.


- Guns will become fatigued very quickly if they move through difficult terrain such as woods.
- Guns also become fatigued quickly while they withdraw by recoil.
- Fatigued artillery take a long time to limber or unlimber.
- Solid shot is the most deadly ammunition other than canister, because it kills more if the target is dense or if it hits the flank.
- Artillery is much more effective when firing from a higher elevation than the target.

GCM - Things to be aware of


- Objectives give points every minute to the side that holds them.
- 2/3 of an objective's total points will be awarded in the last 1/3 of the game time.
- To hold an objective, place an Objective Holder officer and a gun or supply wagon on the location.


- A Regiment whose flag is on a stone wall will take half as many casualties as a regiment in the open.
- A Regiment whose flag is in woods or heavy woods will take one third fewer casualties as a regiment in the open.
- A Regiment whose flag is in orchard will take one sixth fewer casualties as a regiment in the open.
- All units move faster on roads and slower through woods or across creeks.
- Troops move very slowly through heavy woods.

Infantry - Formations

- Column is the fastest formation for moving when you are at least 300yds from the nearest enemy troops.
- Within 300yds of the enemy, all formations move nearly the same, with Column by Divisions being fastest, and Skirmish being slowest.
- Skirmish formation will take fewer casualties from artillery fire.
- Regiments that are laying down will also take fewer casualties from artillery fire.
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Re: GCM Gameplay Differences 7 months, 1 week ago #3

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