Norb Software Development, Inc. - Forum Kunena Site Syndication Wed, 31 Aug 2016 23:24:09 +0000 Kunena 1.6 Norb Software Development, Inc. - Forum en-gb Subject: i need two scenario's for tc2m - by: rckgunny Modifications Sat, 27 Aug 2016 23:39:39 +0000 Subject: Greatcoats - by: RebBugler
Five sprite types are included for each side:
Infantry - kepi, blue pants
Iron Brigade - brimmed black hat, white pants
Regulars - kepi, white pants

Although not included in the original mod, identical but grayed CSA sprites have been included to provide both sides with winter uniforms and additional modding possibilities.

Once enabled all Sandbox and User Scenarios will display Greatcoats' sprites. A sandbox-scenario has been included for a quick look at both armies facing off, it was used for testing, it's called '-Greatcoats'.

EDS (Enhanced Death Sprites) is utilized with this production, so no need for BloodBath.

I believe credit for the sprites goes to Tim, looks like his fine work. Thanks to Dean80 for providing the download link making the sprites available for conversion.

Unzip and copy to the Mods folder (Unzips with 7zip, free download...)

Federal Greatcoats

Confederate Greatcoats

Original TC2M Federal Greatcoats' colors

Mods tested with Greatcoats, and recommended:
Bugles & Flags XV
4K Packed Artillery, Cavalry, et al - blends textures and improves FPS
Pea Ridge - winter map plus more]]>
Modifications Sat, 27 Aug 2016 17:48:22 +0000
Subject: Detaching Units - by: georgerutherford1861
I am working to modify the original Evans brigade scenario. My end goal is to keep all of Burnside's regiments except the 2nd Rhode Island out of the fight until a given time, to recreate the confusion that led to the initial piecemeal commitment of Burnside's brigade. I thought that I could "detach" the regiments at the start of the scenario and then give "attach" orders when I wanted them to be available and have Burnside call them up to complete his brigade line.

The problem I am having is that the regiments only stay put for a certain period of time, then move forward a good 30 minutes prior to the time I set in the battlescript.

Is there a better set of commands I can use to get the effect I am looking for? If need be, I can attach my Excel battlescript file - it's still a bit rough, trying to get the other units to arrive on the field when I want them to.


Modifications Fri, 12 Aug 2016 00:31:48 +0000
Subject: REQUEST: Converting some of Gunship's TC2M sprites for SOWG - by: Joshua l.Chamberlain Modifications Thu, 11 Aug 2016 18:25:50 +0000 Subject: Coming Soon : Seven Years War - by: remus I want to present a little teaser for anyone interested in The Seven Years war.I have included the screenshots below of a small example of Austrian and Prussian musketeer battalions.These screenshots are from my testing of the sprites in game and I am almost finished adjustments as necessary. The good news is that once I am happy with how these examples work, I will be able to enter the remainder of the sprites required for the first OOB which will be the Battle of Leuthen. This hopefully should be in the near future.If you are new to the forum and have an in interest in 18th Century warfare then while you are waiting for SYW why not try the American War of Independence which I have posted below this one.


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Subject: Scenario Design - General Questions - by: the reb
I wanted to redo an Antietam Confederate Army Stock Scenario AN17, so I copied, and noticed that some Union units were "Take Charge from AI" and other Union unit did not....While positioning troops in my new scenario, I noticed that troops were moving, but figured out that it may be because I copied a scenario with commands written...right?

So I went to a Sandbox game and moved the troops as I learned....Question is....If I'm setting this up as the Confederate Army....does it matter whether Union Troops are "Take Charge form AI" or not?

the reb...]]>
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