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- how many of you also spend most of your time playing your own battles?
- if you have any that are particularly fun, challenging, etc. is there a way to "share them"? (it's only 6 files assuming we have the same maps/expansions/etc.)
- I know that when creating one that "we humans" will play vs. the AI, I always have to (a) set my system/game options to 5 for the AI aggressiveness and (b) edit the scenario.csv file, and "crank up" the AI's exp a few levels and also adjust their style to "5/6" (to ensure they don't spend too much of the time sitting around) also helps to remove the army commanders, that way the AI doesn't waste way too much time sending/receiving orders and will "get in to the game/battle" right away

any thoughts?]]>
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Subject: SOW Toolbar question... - by: JohnVW Modifications Mon, 08 Dec 2014 23:38:39 +0000 Subject: Crimea - by: Pom
A mod that trys to recreate the war in the Crimea between Russia and Turkey and Turkey's allies,
France,Great Britain,and Sardinia.

There are five orders of battle,
The Alma,
and two fictional OOB's
Crimea French,
Crimea British.

I haven't forgotten Inkerman,I just feel that the battle needs to be a scenario and map.
On the subject of maps,I hope to be able to add Crimean maps,if(with the help of Norbsoft) I can learn how.

The Russians have been slowed down,use column formations,and have skirmishers,if you'd rather
use the vanilla games formations,then there is an alternative "unitglobal" csv in the Logistics
folder,just swap them out.
I've also kept the flags generic so as to keep down the strain on the frps.

The game needs no other mods to run.

My thanks to Marching Thru Georgia,I've again borrowed the skirmish formation from the excellent,KriegsSpiel Napoleon Mod,Gunship,for his cavalry tweaks,all the other modders I've learned from and the Norbsoft team for giving us a great game.

Three links,standard or high res sprites,and screenshots(these are all standard res). Res Res]]>
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