Norb Software Development, Inc. - Forum Kunena Site Syndication Tue, 31 Mar 2015 02:00:46 +0000 Kunena 1.6 Norb Software Development, Inc. - Forum en-gb Subject: Mod Screenshots - by: Saddletank
War of the Spanish Succession 1700-1714:

War of the Austrian Succession 1740-1748:

Wars of Napoleon 1796-1815:

American Civil War 1861-1865:]]>
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Subject: Where do i go to edit a basic (non-custom generated) .csv file? - by: JohnVW
I know where/how/etc. if I've created the scenario, but I assume somewhere "in" my SOW folder are all the files (incl a .csv file) needed to play Gettysburg (or any of the other expansions I have)...I just don't know where to look?

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Subject: Coming Soon: A Savage and Romantic War - The First Carlist War 1833 - 1839 - by: Crikey incredible amount of support from Pom, whose work on the sprites and flags has been invaluable, this will be the next release.

Subject to some further testing, it will be ready in about a month

It includes -

New sprites for Carlist, Cristino and Foreign Forces.
2 new 'Spanish' 5 mile maps.
Screens and toolbars
Sound files

Here's a taste

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Subject: Defending objectives - starting positions and direction facing in sandbox - by: Crikey Sandbox

A map has a river running down the center N to S. I want an objective in the mapname.csv to be a crossing point E to W.

On loading, I want defending forces to be within striking distance of that objective. However, I don't want the defending forces to be split either side of the river facing N to S, which then has to be remedied manually, I want them all on one bank facing the other side i.e. E to W or vice versa.

Is there a way to force deployment in sandbox to face a particular direction, or a way to retain an objective on a river bank but stop deployment being split on opposite banks?

Apologies if I'm missing the obvious. ]]>
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Subject: ...the next question... - by: Jack ONeill
Because I don't have enough to do, (Hahahahahahahahaha...oh...sorry), I was wondering if it were possible, OR has anyone tried it - to put packed sprites into a non-packed game? We've moved packed sprites "as a self-contained mod" into a packed game, so I was wondering if the opposite could be arrainged. Say, moving packed sprites from SOWGB back into TC2M or some such. Just a thought...

Jack ]]>
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Subject: Opening a .dds file - by: Jack ONeill
I know I've asked this before, but several searchs have not revealed the answer. I'm trying to open .dds files on a comp running windowsXP Pro. What is the best FREE program to run to open these files? Thanks.

Jack äll thumbs today" O'Neill]]>
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