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Good golfing weather in South Central PA.....

Anyways.....I would like to do a Missionary Ridge Scenario (or close to it) and was wondering if there is an existing OOB out there that would have the Confederate Army as Bragg as Commander, with the Corps of just Hardee and Breckingridge, etc. Union Army...Grant and Rosecran with Corps of Hooker, Thomas and Sherman, etc.

I never modified a OOB before but if not, I probably could use an existing OOB available and get it closer to history. With that said....any tricks to modifying OOB's.. I might just end up using the Chattanooga OOB and be done with it but thought I would ask....Maybe someone is working on this scenario?

I just finished a Fredericksburg Scenario (Confederate Army) using Salem Church Map that during playback, actually didn't turn out that bad.....

the reb]]>
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Subject: Are the Brandy Station scenarios or OOBs available ..... - by: Crikey
Apologies if I missed them.]]>
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Subject: Minimal HUD mod - by: Interlocutor
I'd want my modded HUD to include the "stock" HUDs "ranging" info in the upper left, the "MP player" stars in the upper right, and just the compass, probably in the lower left. Also maybe the various "unit status" symbols, likely near the compass on the lower left, displayed "bare" against the terrain.

In other words, no toolbars at all. I play HITS with couriers, and I issue all orders via couriers. I've modified my keyboard.csv to get things like the map and OOB onto the keyboard, plus some other functions.

However, I'm not sure how to go about eliminating the toolbar in this way. I've been tinkering with gui.csv, but I'm finding the documentation rather sparse, so I'm sort of stabbing at it in the dark, trial and error fashion.

I'd appreciate any hints, pointing me in the right direction.]]>
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Subject: Leffe7's Scenario Generator Help - by: gRaider2001
I am trying to create a scenario using Leffe7's Scenario Generator and do not know how to load/find the scenario after it is created. I clicked on the blue button that says "create scenario files" but when I launch the game I do not see the scenario. Please help. Thanks]]>
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Subject: GCM Gameplay Differences - by: gRaider2001
I was wondering if there was a list on what are the changes to gameplay with using the GCM mod? Thanks]]>
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