Norb Software Development, Inc. - Forum Kunena Site Syndication Thu, 21 Aug 2014 02:20:59 +0000 Kunena 1.6 Norb Software Development, Inc. - Forum en-gb Subject: Missing text on compass - by: Harag
we've had a few crashes today so i've been messing around with mods to see if I can pin point it.

the text under the compass "Fence" etc - currently says NOT FOUND - any idea which files this is in?

Current map is the Culps Hill Map Multi player scenario.

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Subject: Dettingen 1743 OOBs for Fontenoy Mod - by: Jack ONeill
After a long hiatus, I have done up 2 different OOBs for Pom's excellent Fontenoy Mod. I've done two because there is no definitive OOB out there for the battle. The Pragmatic (or Allied) side is fairly consistent, but the French are not.

Dettingen_A is based on Nafziger's CARL OOB, which purports to show the French on the field(s) of Battle on the Day.

Dettingen_B is from Alesillo's TC2M Frederick the Great Mod, which I believe shows most, if not all, the French troops in the immediate area. Dettingen_B has been cut down a bit in order that the Allies not be too badly outnumbered.

Apparently, there were roughly 60,000 French troops in the area at the time. The French commander, Noailles, had some 45,000 on the field of which some 26,000 were engaged. This was mostly due to Blockheaded French lower commanders, who decided to attack because they were bored with waiting for their Flanking Column to arrive. BTW, the Allies won this one.

Not all the Flags are correct for the French. Pom did the flags for the French units at Fontenoy, and there were some different units at Dettingen. I plead artistic license here. I like color on my 18th Century Battlefields. Also, my numbers are a bit high. Not sure why. The units are correct. Another thing - I removed the Colonel's (white on white) flag from most French regiments. This helped the FPS somewhat. Units with just a Colonel's flag are generally the "Vieux" or "Petit Vieux" Regiments of the French Army and I couldn't see replacing them with the wrong ones. Some of them are just because I ran out of different flags in the gfx.csv file.

So there you go. Something else to play with. Enjoy or fuss.

Jack ]]>
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