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Since the Reb is fussing about no ACW aspects on the Forum, (right), I thought I would post this small Mod.

For those of you whose Computers have to run the Uniform settings in the "Low" position to play the game, (I did in the Beginning), I present you with this Uniform Mod.

This Mod will give you Two different uniforms in the "Low" setting, for both Rebs and Yanks. I know I got REALLY tired of just the one uniform. I've run this a number of times and can detect NO change in FPS during the game with the addition of the 2 extra sprites.

All you have to do is create a Logistics Folder and put the new unitmodel.csv File in it. Then place it in a MOD folder title New Uniforms or whatever and activate it. You'll get a random number of two different uniforms.

Stock Yankees

Modded Yankees

Stock Rebs

Modded Rebs

Enjoy or not...


Now, Back to the SSW. ]]>
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Subject: Blenheim meets Lynchburg - by: Saddletank]]>
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Subject: A quick question on uniform sprites - by: Stellar Duck
In the existing install they're clad in grey, no matter what I do, including the stock GB scenarios whereas in the fresh install (even with the same mod collection, they're clad in the mix uniforms.

I'm almost certain I haven't installed any uniform mods (to be sure, there are none in my mod folder), so I'm wondering what is causing this?

It's by no means an actual problem, but I'm curious, so any help or explanations would be appreciated.

Bonus question: as I'm still in my early phases of reading up on the Civil War I wonder what set of uniforms is more correct? The mixed bag (I seem to recall reading about that in McPhersons book) or the uniformly grey ones?

Finally, if this is the wrong sub forum, please let me know:

Edit: further looking into it shows that it also is the case for zouaves on the Union side. They're all just clad in blue uniforms.]]>
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Subject: Quick Help Please... - by: Jack ONeill
For the life of me I can't remember how to re-name a scenario so you can play ANY of the troops in it, not just the original designated ones AND THEN where do you put them after you do? Massive brain damage here.

Little help please?


Jack ]]>
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