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Subject: Editing toolbar.csv - by: Wisconsin_Regiments73 Modifications Sun, 06 Apr 2014 00:06:31 +0000 Subject: Sudden Trouble Starting Scenarios - by: Don Game Launched
16:56:14 Version:SOWGB
16:56:14 Reading Key: SOFTWARE\NorbSoftDev\SOWCV
16:56:16 Loading Defined Lists
16:56:16 Initializing
16:56:17 Mod: C:\MATRIX GAMES\SCOURGE OF WAR - GETTYSBURG\Mods\Bugles and Flags XIII
16:56:17 Mod: C:\MATRIX GAMES\SCOURGE OF WAR - GETTYSBURG\Mods\North and South Intro
16:56:17 Mod: C:\MATRIX GAMES\SCOURGE OF WAR - GETTYSBURG\Mods\Road to Wagram & Peninsular
16:56:17 Mod: C:\MATRIX GAMES\SCOURGE OF WAR - GETTYSBURG\Mods\18th Century Mod
16:56:17 Ansi:16, TexH:4096, TexW:4096
16:56:17 SowGB Loaded
16:56:17 16:56:17
16:57:44 Can't find unit class type GB_LINF]]>
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Subject: New Muskets & Air Burst Mod - by: Bad0pel
Bad0pel's Immersive Battles]]>
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Subject: Fence and stonewall mods. - by: z1812
I have searched without finding anything.]]>
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Subject: 100 Random Maps (March 29, 2014) - by: Garnier Download Link (350 MB)

This mod includes 100 fictional maps, and improves the in-game terrain graphics.

To install, use 7zip or WinRAR to open GcmRandomMaps4a.7z after downloading it, and drag the two folders from the zip into your Mods directory. (Click here for a screenshot of installing a mod.)
After installing, this mod will take 2.3 GB of space.

Then start the game, go to your Modifications menu, and enable GcmRandomMaps4 and GCM_Terrain4. The maps will be available in your Sandbox menu and the terrain will be enhanced.

Click here to see all 100 minimaps

If you play the GCM Singleplayer Campaign, you can install these as normal, and the singleplayer campaign will add these to the mix of maps it uses.

Feel free to modify / redistribute these maps any way you wish.

Here's what the maps look like with the terrain mod enabled:

Modifications Sat, 29 Mar 2014 15:31:00 +0000
Subject: Experimenting - Soldiers - DDS to PNG - by: Davinci All , I took one of the uniforms from the previous game and then converted over to this game saving them as dds files. This part is already known by some of you.

The 43 files saved as dds came to approximately 33.2 MB .

I then converted the same 43 files but this time saving them as png files with an Alpha-Channel and the file size went down to 11.9 MB . That is quite a memory savings.

I only experimented with one of the uniforms so far, but this looks quite promising.

Just thought that I would share this info with some of the modders.

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