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Also, in the sowgb.ini file, I cannot locate DbgLvl noted in the SDK .pdf]]>
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Subject: How does the NSD team decide commander statistics? - by: SiliconMagician
I know this a subjective things, but since the NSD team knows it's engine better than anyone. Can I get a hint about how the team decided the various stats of the commanders? Maybe something on how these stats effect things. I want to make the make the commanders more unique but I need an idea of a baseline to go from.]]>
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Subject: TC2M & CMP 3.0 OOB's for SOWgb is a dead link - by: garyknowz

Also, does that include the Frederickburg OOB from TC2M?]]>
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Subject: Making a team to help make a Shiloh mod for Scourge of War gettysburg - by: captain_george
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Subject: Mod Screenshots - by: Saddletank
War of the Spanish Succession 1700-1714:

War of the Austrian Succession 1740-1748:

Wars of Napoleon 1796-1815:

American Civil War 1861-1865:]]>
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