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Can someone give me a quick 'how to' on changing clouds, light settings/levels and skyboxes in LStudio?

I want to convert the Successionville map into use for Napoleonics and set it as part of Walcheren Island for the British 1814 attacks there, but I want to remove the sunset red sky.

Any advice appreciated.]]>
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Subject: Chancellorsville Terrain - by: Jolly
A lot of things to do, but here's an early preview ....

Modifications Wed, 09 Aug 2017 03:02:16 +0000
Subject: Gettysburg 3Days - New Ground - by: RebBugler Gettysburg 3Days - New Ground

Released for the 154th Anniversary (2017) of the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1st - 3rd, 1863.


- New Gettysburg map by MarkT (9 Mile)
- Three days in 8 1/2 hours CSA scenario (USA scenario TBA)
- Fatigue and Morale replenished at the end of Days one and two
- Upgraded setup and scripting from the previous 3Days scenarios
- Richmond News end screens for CSA
- Optional scenario file (scenario - DRF.csv) to use flags from the B&F mod -- rename to scenario.csv in the individual scenario folder after renaming the original

Unzip and copy to the Mods folder (Unzips with 7zip, free download...)
Gettysburg 3Days - New Ground


The bar is set!

Well, it's been six years since the 'GB 3Days' scenarios were released and with the introduction of MarkT's outstanding nine mile map the time was ripe for an upgrade. And an UPGRADE it is! I've learned a lot in those six years, especially what works and what doesn't, on how to keep scenarios vibrant and immersive. At least I think so.

A heads up on performance. Due to the large number of troops, eventually, and with the huge map, low fps and lag are a fact of life with this old engine. The number one thing I have learned about performance and lag in general is to keep corps and general level officers TC'ed (this eliminates hundreds of AI-loops between officers that suck performance unnecessarily). You'll find in the scripting that these upper level officers will be TC on when introduced, I suggest they remain TC'ed and just move by divisions. If you don't, not only greater lag, but the occurrences of anomalies like troops stopping engaging are likely to occur. They literally stop fighting and will walk through or ignore the enemy. Or, if you insist on using these officers TC off, then better to raise the sprite ratio to at least 10 to one.

As announced and shown above, "The Bar is Set". The best way to show appreciation for this effort as far as I'm concerned is attack that Bar, display your end screen, and feedback about your experience and path to glory, or, how you messed up. All is good, and fun, in the remaking of history.]]>
Modifications Fri, 28 Jul 2017 20:45:01 +0000
Subject: Trouble with Bridges - by: Saddletank
I am seriously struggling with getting the physics settings correct for bridges. The collision radius sometimes seems to work in a reverse way to what is intuitive - that is increasing the value reduces the distance at which sprites collide with the model.

Top height and bottom height are also confusing me. If top height is the height above model origin that sprites pass along it, what does bottom height do? Is this an unused value in SoW? Might it control a gap under the bridge roadway for animated water traffic if a game used such a feature?

I also assume that if you change the X-Y-Z values of a bridge then the collision radius and heights get changed too... but I am having real trouble working out the relationship between, say doubling the value of X and the increased collision value.

Are there any map makers/modders out there who have worked out the easiest/quickest way to get sprites to collide with a bridge at the ends and walk across the roadway? I've managed to get it to happen in a few instances but these seem to be pure chance and if I replicate the values in another case, it is not consistent.

The bridge models I am most commonly using are the Waterloo single arch stone bridge, the repainted Middle Bridge from the Antietam map as supplied in Crikey's Russia.dat and the Spanish bridge from his Rio Espanol map.]]>
Modifications Thu, 27 Jul 2017 00:10:44 +0000
Subject: YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! - by: SwampRat

I REALLY appreciate the Red River Campaign and Prairie Grove. Pea Ridge is great too, I just keep getting my butt kicked there. Not a lot of people outside of Louisiana and Arkansas pay much attention to them.

Chickamauga is a work of art. What more can I say.

I think I have played every scenario except the three day Gettysburg and the Chancellorsville ones.

This game, you developers and mod'ers are incredible. And I really mean that.

I do need help with one thing. I see that someone made a couple of scenarios for Murfreesboro (Stones River) but I can't get the link to work. Does anyone have a link or a zip file I can download? I am partial to the war in the west.

Thanks again for everything!

Modifications Tue, 25 Jul 2017 02:46:35 +0000
Subject: Flags to scale? - by: Cleaburn can the size of the flags be smaller more to scale just curious?
and is there a mod to make all southern state flags with all regiments work?]]>
Modifications Sun, 23 Jul 2017 17:49:57 +0000