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- New Chickamauga map by MarkT
- Officer portraits added to OOBs
- Chickamauga end screens for scenarios, Richmond News for CSA
- Chickamauga splash screens
- Sixteen CSA flags designed specifically for the Battle of Chickamauga DETAILS

Sandbox OOB:

Scenario Carryover Series:
CHI01-Three Bridges (C-Corps)
CHI02-Three Bridges (U-Div)

Additional Scenarios TBD

Unzip and copy to the Mods folder (Unzips with 7zip, free download...)

A little late for the 143rd anniversary of the battle but at least I got this WIP in before the end of September. Additional scenarios will be made available gradually until the 'Scenario Carryover Series' is complete, at which time I'll bundle it all together under one download. Been wanting to do this great battle for forever, now, with this excellent map by MarkT, I'm moving forward with recreating the Battle of Chickamauga the best way I know, via historically based carryover scenarios representing both Union and Confederate perspectives.]]>
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Subject: TC2M \ Splats \ Interesting - by: Davinci
After crashing two new Computers I gave up and went back to an old Computer that I had in the closet running Windows XP Pro. So, I decided to mod the old game just to pass time.

Not, that any of us knew this at the time but the old game allows for Splats , the only problem is that I can't or haven't figured out exactly how they work. The new game allows the Map-Maker to dictate exactly where the splats will be placed. The old Version doesn't seem to have that option.

Oh Well, something to do, this should keep me busy for a while!

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Subject: Antietam - Full Battle - Union - by: Little Powell
This is the full, 11 hour Battle of Antietam from the Union perspective.

Date: 17 September 1862
Time: 5:45 AM
Location: Sharpsburg, Maryland

After your glorious route of the Confederate forces at South Mountain three days ago, your Army of the Potomac is re-organized and ready to deliver the final crushing blow to the Confederate cause. Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia is dug in to the hills before you. With his back to Potomac River he has nowhere to run.

You are the Army Commander--the plan of attack is completely up to you. There are no pre-determined objective locations. All points must be scored by combat. Will Lee stand firm and receive your attack? Or will he go on the counter-offensive? All troops of the Army are at your immediate disposal. Use them wisely to crush Lee's Army of Northern Virginia!

Download Link

Unzip to your Mods folder, enable in game, enjoy.]]>
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Subject: Chattanooga Campaign Map Release - by: MarkT
Updated Download Link - 9/16/16

This mod is only up long enough for Norbsoft to grab it and host it.

This contains:
A slightly reworked Chickamauga map and OOB for September 1863.
An August Chattanooga Map (sans Lookout Mountain) and OOB depicting the rebel defenses of the river.
A November Chattanooga Map (sans Lookout Mountain) and OOB depicting the Field works for both armies.

In the Works:
1. A complete mod of the Battle of Little Bighorn 1 to 1 scale. This mod with the complete co-design help of Martin James will contain: 95% Done
A. A 10 mile map.
B. Many new Sprites by POM
C. Teepees and Terrain features by Crikey
D. Randomized Indian Encampments (Random map Teepee locations)
E. Random Scenario Creation with Multiple OOB options (Gatling Guns, etc.)

2. A complete Mod of the Battle of the Rosebud. A 1 to 1 scale of the Indian fight one week before the Custer fight, set on a 5 mile map. 40% done. (This mod is Martins with my map.)

3. Honey Springs Mod (my Map) - A Martin James special mod about the Western civil War battle of the Civil War with Indians on both the rebel and Federal side. 30% Done.

4. Map Of Eylau - Napoleonic battle fought in Poland in a Blizzard, with near white-out conditions... A real challenge. 20% done.

Before I heavily start making Napoleonic Maps, I wish to make possibly two or three more Civil War Maps.
A. Seven Days Battle - A 10 mile map covering the last of the Peninsula Campaign. from Fair oaks to Malvern Hill.
B. A 10 mile map of Gettysburg, including the East cavalry field.
C. Possibly a 10 mile Map of Antietam.

Had to revert back to Widows 7 so I can test these. I assume Waterloo is only stable in Windows 7, so I will jump to Napoleonic Maps as long as sprites are available for them.
I am particularly interested in the Austrian, Prussians, Russians, not so much the fight in Spain.
I am open to put a Napoleonic Map on the list if someone has any contour maps on any battle field areas, I would love to get my hands on them. or links to them. ]]>
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