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The mod eliminates all toolbar buttons from the Heads Up Display (HUD). All orders must
be issued via the "compose courier message" function ("C" on the keyboard).

It relocates the compass as well as the clock and the "terrain type" descriptor to the lower left corner of the screen, and relocates the unit status icons to the left of the unit info. Portraits are eliminated.

Ammo status, morale status and fatigue status are listed to the right of the unit info.

All the above info is now displayed directly against the terrain, no more toolbar backgrounds.

As a corollary to this mod, changes have been made to the "courier.csv" file provided with MTG's wonderful "Couriers & Maps" mod, adding four new lines to "courier.csv" to provide for left & right oblique and left & right sidestep, plus a fifth line to provide for resupply, since there are no more toolbar buttons to use for these orders.

This mod should be listed last in the "Modifications" screen, so that it will load last. It has been tested in both SP and MP mode, with no known conflicts with "Realistic Smoke" or with "Couriers and Maps".

As another corollary to this mod, changes have been made to "keyboard.csv" to provide direct keyboard commands to move your general around, as well as to call up the "courier messages sent" and "courier messages received" screens, bring up the OOB screen, and "goto" your general.

A copy of this revised "keyboard.csv" is included in the zip file for this mod, along with a jpeg image of the revised "Keyboard Control" diagram. To make use of this revised keyboard, first rename the game's stock "keyboard.csv" file, located in the game's "Work" sub-folder, to something like "Stock keyboard.csv". Then move the copy of "keyboard.csv" provided with this mod into the game's "Work" sub-folder, along with the "SoW Civil War Keyboard Controls - Modded" jpeg file, and print the latter for easy reference.

Jim McConnell, aka "Interlocutor"
March, 2017

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