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I know it's been discussed before, and it's not easy to do, which is why I'm asking for names of those who have done this before.

I'd like to create a few different sprites for CW battles. Namely 2 new Zouave uniforms--styles similar to 9th NY, 14th NYSM--a NYS uniform w/the NYS/shell jacket, and one just b/c it's near and dear to me, the 40th NY uniform, which was dark blue trousers, NYS/shell jacket.

Since I have gotten away from playing MP games at GCM (it's degraded into an arcade version of SOW, especially w/regiments like the 400th PA, 300th Ohio, and 200th VA) I have more time to try out making sprites for my own enjoyment in the SP scenarios/games.]]>
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Subject: Chantilly - by: Crikey straight port of the Chantilly map from TCM2 and two scenarios.Due to the differences in TCM and SoWGB map scale (2.33m vs 2.5m) this isn't spot on, but much easier than starting from scratch.Small so one for SP rather than MP, I feel.
Map done. Am just getting my head around scenario building.

Here's a screenie.....

Then and now..

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Subject: Courier Mod Issues - by: kjdunc9443
Example courier message:
No Orders
Move to this map point
Face this direction
Change to this formation
Take this stance
Use roads

Like I said I just started playing again and this has happened. I checked for game updates and there were none. I am running the stock game with Pipe Creek, Antietam, and Brandy Station. I have dabbled with scenario modding but nothing that I would expect to break the courier system. I hope this information helps yall diagnose something. I appreciate it!

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Subject: NEW MAP, and 1 rework. - by: MarkT This link contains a rework of the Cold harbor map... Now "Gaines Mill" (some fixes)
It also will add the "Seven Days" Battles map.
This is a 9 mile "TRUE SCALE" map of the area from Fair Oaks to Malvern hill.

This link will be open for one week. Hopefully, someone on the forum will grab it and relink to a better site.



In process still

1. Little Bighorn and the Rosebud 10 and 7.5 mile maps, 100% complete, awaiting OOBs and sprites.
2. Gettysburg - 9 mile "True scale"
3. Bull Run Expansion 12 mile "True Scale"

Pleas be advised , I will try to log in and respond to questions. But, I just don't visit this forum often.]]>
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