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Suppose two objectives were placed on the map, a major one representing the defender's objective to defend and a minor one representing the invader's supply depot. The rate at which fatigue is gained and recovered from would be increased to simulate greater time and distances, sprite ratio increased to make frontages smaller, rate and distance of weapons effectiveness should also probably be changed with some sort of balance in mind so that things don't look ridiculous (cannons firing 3 rounds a second and battle lines firing into eachother's faces).

At the end of X amount of hours the sun sets, fatigue and morale could be partially recovered, and if the "depot" objective is still in possession of the attacker all ammunition wagons are partially replenished. If not, then no resupply and maybe a morale penalty. The defender is assumed to always be in supply. Then the sun goes up and things continue.

Would such a thing be possible? Could the AI handle it or would the defender just huddle around the objective while the attacker marches his rapidly fatiguing troops to death?]]>
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Subject: Mods question - by: crassus
I have Gettysburg and Antietam and was going to pick up Chancellorsville.

So if I have those three will all of the mods work.

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Subject: Loc x and loc z and how the coordinates correspond to map location - by: garyknowz
Also, in the sowgb.ini file, I cannot locate DbgLvl noted in the SDK .pdf]]>
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