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Sandbox battles not working properly?
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TOPIC: Sandbox battles not working properly?

Sandbox battles not working properly? 6 months ago #1

I'm not able to play as an army in the Sandbox battle mode. I select army vs Army than the commander Napoloen from the Waterloo Order of battle and when the battle starts there in only Naploleon with a contingent of 20,000 men. No subordinate commanders or other formation, just a few units under the army commander This is unsusual as In SOW Gettysburg you can play as an Army commander in sandbox with 1000,000 men in subordinate corps according to the OOB.

I also can't play as a Corps as part of an Army. If I select a Corps from the OOB and select Army vs Army the battle will load with only the Corps I selected and not the rest of the Army on the field.

Another problem I have is i only have one objective to defend or attack when the battle loads even though I selected more than 3 objectives .

I have all the dlcs and the latest patch. I'm running this on Windows 8.1 Nvidia GTX 760, AMD FX 6 core proecessor.

What's going on here ?

Re: Sandbox battles not working properly? 6 months ago #2

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Enable this mod included with the game,
\Waterloo SOW\Mods\Full_French_Campaign
...then use OOB_SB_FullFrench
Expanded Toolbar - Grog Waterloo
Bugles & Flags Gettysburg - Toolbar, Flags, Scenarios and more...
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Re: Sandbox battles not working properly? 6 months ago #3

The mod works, but what about the rest of the sandbox mode. When I select Army vs Army and select a Corps or division commander it loads up and only that Corps or Division is there on my side. There are no other Corps or Divisions for my side. When I select an non Fench Army commander there is only one Corps to command.

Another issue is objectives to capture or defent of which there are only one on the map, even when I select more in the setup screen.

Re: Sandbox battles not working properly? 6 months ago #4

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Hi, try to set Hunt Them Down as battle type. Army vs army is correct.
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