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My current thinking is that I do not want to replace dead leaders for subsequent battles with a newly named person as that would be both more work in terms of modifying OOB's and scenario.csv files and be potentially confusing for someone already familiar with officer's names and positions in the OOB. I plan to keep the same name but reduce his leadership/experience abilities to reflect a person new in the post.

I do not think it would be right just to reduce the abilities to whatever level currently happens during a scenario as that would have been an emergency replacement by whomever was conveniently to hand. There is notionally a day or two between battles in my campaign so a more considered substitute should be possible. I am thinking therefore of creating a random factor to reflect loss of experience with the in scenario values providing a base level and the previous officer's stats being the maximum.

I notice in the casualty results report that officers are described as "Dead" but never classed as wounded - does "Dead" notionally include wounded so should some of the "Dead" legitimately be brought back to life? Could someone explain what the category "Lost" means - would some "Lost" Officers perhaps be wounded?


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Subject: AUSTERLITZ ? - by: randynovotny Discussion Tue, 21 Mar 2017 01:48:51 +0000 Subject: Artillery targeting - by: Capt Saucier
I have also tried choosing the target and right clicking but that does not work either.

Thanks for any responses.]]>
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Subject: Screen Resolution Access - by: the reb
a dumb reb.....]]>
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Subject: Brand New Recruit - by: Swamp Runner and modifications that they have done.

And also the many great articles and information in the forum.

I bought Gettysburg and Chancellorsville in 2013 and just could not grasp troop movement.

Perhaps because I only played chess and combat flight sims, I had trouble deploying troops in formation.

I have always been a very serious student of history and especially the Civil War.

About two months ago, the fire was lit again after re-reading some of Stephen Sears and Shelby Foote's never old and always great works.

I am deeply into it as they say and also bought Antietam.

I still prefer to command only a brigade and marvel on those u-tube videos how someone can move a long line in such a straight and seamless fashion.

Once again, many thanks for all the forum members and their contributions.

Swamp Runner]]>
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Subject: lots of questions #3 - by: yadmas What does TC'd mean? And one suggestions, when you do a right or left flank, it would seem that it would be better if they just did a left or right face, marched straight to one side and faced forward and started firing. i feel like that is what they would do in real life. right now they kind of swirl around and move off in a group to re-allign. thanks again for your help.]]> Discussion Fri, 17 Mar 2017 18:57:31 +0000 Subject: lots of questions #2 - by: yadmas Why is it that so many of the troops on my side, but not under my control, do not participate in the battle. for instance a couple groups of cavalry just sit there next to my cannons and never participate. Also, is the whole battle just centered around these two victory locations? or am i expected to branch out and take the battle to the enemy wherever i can. for instance, you can push the enemy all the way back to the town off to the left. but in doing so, you leave the victory locations empty, although you controlled them before and no enemy is around? one other thing... when the battle starts the cannon are in pretty good positions i guess, little do i know... but should i bring them up much closer to the enemy for use at point blank? or are they better sitting at an elevated position in the back? lots of time i check on them and they aren't even firing. or just one or two is.]]> Discussion Fri, 17 Mar 2017 18:54:07 +0000 Subject: Lots of questions - by: yadmas Discussion Fri, 17 Mar 2017 18:52:09 +0000 Subject: Question about apparent deployment problem - by: yadmas Nuts and Bolts - Waterloo Wed, 15 Mar 2017 07:43:04 +0000 Subject: Split Unit / Skirmisher recall when formation orders change - by: Pop1
I have been discussing this issue with Reb in another forum, but we think it may be better to raise it here as it is not a MoD issue and happens in the 'vanilla' game.

When I detach a unit, for example a rifle battalion, and split this off into groups using the split formation option I find these split units are automatically recalled (un-split) whenever the original formation commander is given a stance order other than "None". This happens even if the parent unit and the split units are detached and TC on. This happens in both stock scenarios and sandbox games.

You may wonder why I am concerned with such small unit tactics when Armies are being manoeuvred, but I usually play at Division level or below, even when I select a larger Corps level game I select a Division to command. The option use deployed skirmish companies is then denied me unless I either leave the brigades without orders or TC the officers.

It seems odd that one cannot detach and deploy skirmishers to various positions without them being recalled whenever the original formation commander is given an order. If the unit is detached this order should have no effect on it?

I would be grateful for any thoughts or explanations.]]>
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