Norb Software Development, Inc. - Forum Kunena Site Syndication Sun, 20 Aug 2017 06:10:53 +0000 Kunena 1.6 Norb Software Development, Inc. - Forum en-gb Subject: Skyboxes and lighting - by: Saddletank
Can someone give me a quick 'how to' on changing clouds, light settings/levels and skyboxes in LStudio?

I want to convert the Successionville map into use for Napoleonics and set it as part of Walcheren Island for the British 1814 attacks there, but I want to remove the sunset red sky.

Any advice appreciated.]]>
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Subject: Ten Day Carryover error - by: tgmiller Technical Help & Bug Post Fri, 18 Aug 2017 13:58:56 +0000 Subject: Full tool bar not available at bottom of the screen - by: conjotter
The game looks great but I can't see the full tool bar at the bottom of the game screen.

I'm running the recommended resolution of 1024 768 in the game.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Nuts and Bolts - Waterloo Sat, 12 Aug 2017 17:24:06 +0000
Subject: Waterloo Collector's Edition Released! - by: Little Powell Waterloo Collector's Edition Released! ]]> NSD News Thu, 10 Aug 2017 15:01:02 +0000 Subject: Chancellorsville Terrain - by: Jolly
A lot of things to do, but here's an early preview ....

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Subject: Artillery Question - by: SwampRat
This may seem like a stupid question and may have been asked and answered before. I searched but might have missed it.

What I would like to know is if the ranges listed for artillery ordinance are the only ranges that it will fire? For example, I have a battery 280 yards from the enemy line. The battery has expended all of its canister. The ranges listed for solid, shell and shrapnel are 300 ->. Does that mean that the other ordinance will not fire because it is under range?

I hope this makes sense.

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Subject: All text and icons are blacked out: - by: cliometrician -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

When I go to the main page of the game no words can be read. All text has been blocked out, as if it has all been redacrted. By guessing at what I was clicking I managed to get to the battlefield. All trees have a large black box around them....regiments are blacked out, etc. The game cannot be played.

This happened once before a few years ago, but I can't remember how it was repaired.

Thanks for any help you can give.]]>
Technical Help & Bug Post Thu, 03 Aug 2017 02:33:28 +0000
Subject: Trouble signing in - by: Mememaster Garnier's Campaign Mod Thu, 03 Aug 2017 01:54:02 +0000 Subject: Brigade scenario question - by: Evil-Six Discussion Tue, 01 Aug 2017 13:02:39 +0000 Subject: Any chance of a mod to show all trees and terrain at once? - by: Destraex Waterloo Modifications Mon, 31 Jul 2017 00:50:06 +0000 Subject: Gettysburg 3Days - New Ground - by: RebBugler Gettysburg 3Days - New Ground

Released for the 154th Anniversary (2017) of the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1st - 3rd, 1863.


- New Gettysburg map by MarkT (9 Mile)
- Three days in 8 1/2 hours CSA scenario (USA scenario TBA)
- Fatigue and Morale replenished at the end of Days one and two
- Upgraded setup and scripting from the previous 3Days scenarios
- Richmond News end screens for CSA
- Optional scenario file (scenario - DRF.csv) to use flags from the B&F mod -- rename to scenario.csv in the individual scenario folder after renaming the original

Unzip and copy to the Mods folder (Unzips with 7zip, free download...)
Gettysburg 3Days - New Ground


The bar is set!

Well, it's been six years since the 'GB 3Days' scenarios were released and with the introduction of MarkT's outstanding nine mile map the time was ripe for an upgrade. And an UPGRADE it is! I've learned a lot in those six years, especially what works and what doesn't, on how to keep scenarios vibrant and immersive. At least I think so.

A heads up on performance. Due to the large number of troops, eventually, and with the huge map, low fps and lag are a fact of life with this old engine. The number one thing I have learned about performance and lag in general is to keep corps and general level officers TC'ed (this eliminates hundreds of AI-loops between officers that suck performance unnecessarily). You'll find in the scripting that these upper level officers will be TC on when introduced, I suggest they remain TC'ed and just move by divisions. If you don't, not only greater lag, but the occurrences of anomalies like troops stopping engaging are likely to occur. They literally stop fighting and will walk through or ignore the enemy. Or, if you insist on using these officers TC off, then better to raise the sprite ratio to at least 10 to one.

As announced and shown above, "The Bar is Set". The best way to show appreciation for this effort as far as I'm concerned is attack that Bar, display your end screen, and feedback about your experience and path to glory, or, how you messed up. All is good, and fun, in the remaking of history.]]>
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Subject: Trouble with Bridges - by: Saddletank
I am seriously struggling with getting the physics settings correct for bridges. The collision radius sometimes seems to work in a reverse way to what is intuitive - that is increasing the value reduces the distance at which sprites collide with the model.

Top height and bottom height are also confusing me. If top height is the height above model origin that sprites pass along it, what does bottom height do? Is this an unused value in SoW? Might it control a gap under the bridge roadway for animated water traffic if a game used such a feature?

I also assume that if you change the X-Y-Z values of a bridge then the collision radius and heights get changed too... but I am having real trouble working out the relationship between, say doubling the value of X and the increased collision value.

Are there any map makers/modders out there who have worked out the easiest/quickest way to get sprites to collide with a bridge at the ends and walk across the roadway? I've managed to get it to happen in a few instances but these seem to be pure chance and if I replicate the values in another case, it is not consistent.

The bridge models I am most commonly using are the Waterloo single arch stone bridge, the repainted Middle Bridge from the Antietam map as supplied in Crikey's Russia.dat and the Spanish bridge from his Rio Espanol map.]]>
Modifications Thu, 27 Jul 2017 00:10:44 +0000
Subject: YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! - by: SwampRat

I REALLY appreciate the Red River Campaign and Prairie Grove. Pea Ridge is great too, I just keep getting my butt kicked there. Not a lot of people outside of Louisiana and Arkansas pay much attention to them.

Chickamauga is a work of art. What more can I say.

I think I have played every scenario except the three day Gettysburg and the Chancellorsville ones.

This game, you developers and mod'ers are incredible. And I really mean that.

I do need help with one thing. I see that someone made a couple of scenarios for Murfreesboro (Stones River) but I can't get the link to work. Does anyone have a link or a zip file I can download? I am partial to the war in the west.

Thanks again for everything!

Modifications Tue, 25 Jul 2017 02:46:35 +0000
Subject: Multiplayer mod v2 aka "Sir, a message for you" - by: Biondo
attached my new version of the multiplayer mod.

I managed to add a vocal message when a courier comes to you.

The good thing is that you hear the voice only if it's a human player message and also if you have Map screen or Send courier screen opened. Of course the courier window will not pop-up if you have those screens opened but at least you notice you have a new message to read.

The bad thing is that the sender must remember to add the vocal message or the message will be simply delivered as a normal message.

I don't know if it's possible to have vocal message automatically written into the dispatch when you open the Send Courier Screen. Another solution should be to have a courier order issued via a button. I saw in the courier.csv file that it's possible to have a BUTTON type (others are NEW, MENU, ITEM) but I don't know how and if it works. If this would be possible I could put it togheter with the Send Message Button.

Anyway, here the changes:

- changed the layout of the Multiplayer Select screen in order to better see Commander's name

- Changed tab's disposition in the Send Courier Screen: now you have the Message Recipients tab always visible in the upper part of the window

- Added two new buttons in the Send Courier Screen wich permit to send a copy of the same message and to send a message and be able to immediatly write a new one without reopen the screen

- added a bugle icon in the Free Text tab in order to add a vocal message to your Dispatch. The Recipient will hear a voice telling him of the incoming message (French accent playing French and English playing Allied). This will work only for human player message and also if the recipient has other screens opened

- added an "Old Paper" layer under the Dispatch text in the Send Courier Screen

- When you click to open the Map from the Send Courier Screen, the message recipients will be selected in the toolbar so when you close the Map the recipient is still the one you selected in the Message Recipients Tab

- When you click on the Send Courier Button your character will be automatically selected

- added a button to open the Map and a button to open the Send Courier screen from the Courier Message Received

I'm here for any questions, idea or bug report]]>
Waterloo Modifications Mon, 24 Jul 2017 20:00:34 +0000
Subject: War of 1812...... Any interest? - by: Zeke

I’m taking a break from the Civil war – a few reasons firstly there is a fresh burst of fantastic mods coming out and I want to see how these pan out and also as we say in the UK “Too many cooks can spoil the broth” – Although a mod is a truly great way of freshening up a game too many mods can cause issues so holding off on ACW OOB packs until I can get them working with the new batch of popular gameplay enhancements. I was considering doing Austerlitz but 1/ this has been covered in excellent “KriegsSpiel Napoleon Mod” and 2/ I suspect that the game makers might be considering a move in that direction.

So I’m sticking to research at the moment one that has caught my interest is the War of 1812 it’s a war that a lot of people are not too familiar with (well apart the many history buffs on this forum!) namely due to the fact that it played out during the final few acts of the Napoleonic war and was overshadowed by Napoleon invading Russia in his famous but ill-fated campaign.

A bit of background. The war was fought between June 1812 and February 1815 the main protagonists were the United States of America and Great Britain in addition fighting for the British (and fighting well) were Canadians militia/volunteers and contingents from the Indian Nations under the famous leadership of Tecumseh. Its most famous battle was New Orleans – a battle that was fought after formal terms for ending the war has been agreed in Ghent, Belgium (but not ratified by the US government and news hadn’t reached the men fighting) It was a war which very nearly spectacularly back fired on the fledgling United States with the march into Canada now considered as one of the biggest military blunders in US military history it led to several embarrassing defeats and included the capture and near destruction of Washington DC by British forces in reprisal for the sacking of York in Canada by the Americans. It was also a war where very little was gained by both sides with the biggest loser being the Indian nations who would suffer greatly after the war due to forced displacement and being dispossessed of their ancestral lands - One of the saddest episodes in American history - over the next few decades thousands of Indians would die of disease and starvation. It’s fair to say that today only Canada remembers the War of 1812 in any kind of meaningful way with Isaac Brock and Tecumseh seen as heroes of the Canadian cause and their sacrifice would lead to the Canadian nation that we are all familiar with today. War was declared for the following reasons 1/ Forced Impressment of American Sailors 2/ Trade restrictions on trading with France 3/ British support for Native Americans and 4/ British resistance to further American expansion ...if you are cynical the real reason was the last four points were excuses to grab Canada whilst the British were fighting Napoleon...As Thomas Jefferson famously quoted "The acquisition of Canada this year will be a mere matter of marching".....

In terms of a mod the existing Napoleonic sprites could be employed (although new sprites always welcome!) and there are enough maps out there to simulate the war (ditto the sprites, new maps are always welcome too!) I would like to freshen up the console and game launch pages to give it a “1812 feel”

So research I’m going to look at the weapons employed in the conflict.

Firstly small arms:

The “go to” weapon of the British Army was the famous “Brown Bess” or to give its proper name the British Land Pattern Musket. The origins of the nickname is actually not fully known it could be reference to Queen Elizabeth I - Bess being a popular 17/18c abbreviation for Elizabeth. It could even be named after a prostitute in the Jamaicas immortalized much later in Rudyard Kipling’s poem “Brown Bess” or perhaps a combination of a popular girls name and the colour of the wood used for the stock of the weapon - I personally believe this is the most plausible explanation. The weapon was used from 1722 right through to 1838 the most popular variation was 39 inches long, it had a smooth bore and its effective range between 50–100 yards but in the hands of a skilled marksmen it could be effective up to 120 or 130 yards. There were several variations of the weapon including a shorter cavalry version and a naval version used by the Royal Navy and Marines. It was robust, reliable and easy to repair in the field with interchangeable parts, during the American war of independence Americans would regularly discard their French muskets for the British counterpart (the same was true in 1812). A good infantryman could fire off three rounds a minute although in the heat of battle this rate would probably have been lower. Delivered in a massed volley (something the British were well versed at doing) the effects of the “Brown Bess” could be devastating as well as the follow up charge with the 41.5cm long bayonet!

“Brown Bess” Musket

Along with the musket the British also used weapons with rifled barrels the most famous being the Baker Rifle this was used very successfully in the Napoleonic war and was issued to specialized Rifle units such as the 60th and 95th Regiment shorter than the musket (32 inches) it featured a rifled barrel that was far more accurate that the smooth-bore musket, the rifle was effective up to 200 yards although famously in the Spanish Peninsula a French General Auguste Colbert-Chabanais was shot and killed from a range of over 500 yards (his aide was also shot and wounded proving it wasn’t a fluke!) During the war of 1812 the Baker rifle was issued to several specialist rifle units the most famous being Canadian Voltigeurs.

Baker rife

The Americans used several different muskets the most popular being the Springfield Model 1795 Musket this was based on the popular French Charleville musket (a musket also still used by the militias of the time). The smooth-bore firearm was the first model manufactured by the US government It was very reliable and slightly lighter (around 9lbs) than the British equivalent (around 10lbs) although it could be prone to fowling in the barrel a later 1812 version was released in small numbers but this saw no service in the 1812 war. Like the Brown Bess it was most effective between 50 and 100 yards and could be fitted with a bayonet, rate of fire was also the same, 3 rounds a minute. American also utilized rifled weapons the most famous being the Kentucky long rifle (or Pennsylvania rifle) it was popular on the frontiers for hunting. The weapon was around 54 inch long and weighed around 8-9lbs it had a spiralled rifled barrel that had an effective range of between 80 to 200 yards although like the Baker rifle in skilled hands there were instances of shots hitting their mark over 400 yards. It was a much-feared weapon although not available in numbers matching that of the Springfield musket.

Kentucky Rifle

At close range in melee several weapons were employed for the British and American regular forces the weapon of choice was the bayonet or the short sword for rifle companies however unique to the fighting on the American continent the militia’s (American and British) employed long knives and the famous tomahawk (Indian hand axe). Native Indian’s of the period were armed primarily with the Musket and an assortment of “up close and personal” weapons such as tomahawk, hunting knife and a highly effective club made of hard wood – it was primitive but in the right hands deadly. Single shot pistols were used again mainly by militia’s and the navies of both sides however, it was highly inaccurate and had an effective range of only 5 to 10 yards in addition it was hard to reload and once fired its owner would simply use it as a club as trying to reload in close combat would have been unwise.

Indian War clubs

Looking at Artillery and Cavalry next over the next few days but if you have any useful info please post your links and thoughts here

Napoleonic Era Mon, 24 Jul 2017 18:16:26 +0000