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Subject: Scourge Of War Waterloo is on sale! - by: Little Powell
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Subject: Pickup TC2M on Steam for five bucks! - by: Little Powell]]>
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Subject: Downloading battles for view - by: jlan5031 Thank you]]> Garnier's Campaign Mod Wed, 21 Jun 2017 20:56:28 +0000 Subject: New GCM "Super Blind" Format - by: exp101 I've been thinking of a new format for GCM battles that attempts to preserve the essence of "blind" games while minimizing potential house rules violations, intentional or unintentional. This structure also addresses other issues including GCM's anomaly of "scout guns", strives to reestablish infantry as the "queen of battle," strikes a new balance with vps and, in its mechanics, establishes a function for reserves and refitting regiments. Most changes are baked into host settings so house rules (notoriously problematic for us) are kept to a minimum. I'm hoping this makes for fewer disputes and frustrations. Here are the essentials.


Background Note: The challenge in vp setups has always been in striking a balance between player convenience (the motivation behind the original introduction of vp holders/wagons & low 10-man control requirements), and having a meaningful way to represent vp control. Unfortunately, the mechanics involved have also carried some unintended and occasionally bizarre practices from a Civil War historical point of view.

In Super Blind Games there are:
-no vp holders, vp wagons or ordnance wagons (armies are limited to issued ammunition);
-vp's will be fewer and more tightly placed around the center of the battlefield*;
-vp value will be bumped a bit (initially to 30%), but the control radius is also expanded (either 200 or 250 yards) to make them more difficult to secure**;
-a minimum 200 man garrison will be required to control.*

*The idea here is that players will want to detach small, beat up, exhausted, or reserve regiments for vp garrison duties. By keeping the vp's relatively close, it should be easier to rotate these regiments from back areas into the line and vice versa, which introduces a sort of reserve or R&R area concept to our battles
**vp's will carry lots of potential value, but are also going to be more difficult to truly secure. Look for objectives to be more easily contested and remain neutral for longer periods. This should, in turn, give back a portion of game emphasis to the infliction of tactical damage as a path to victory

House Rules
1) Gun batteries may not use road movement in the first 10 minutes of the game

As before...
2) Officers may not move ahead or to the side of friendly infantry or guns
3) Officers may not move to rally regiments that break or retreat behind enemy lines. Such regiments may not interfere with enemy objectives in any way unless/until they are able to come back within friendly lines

This is a first pass and will no doubt require some tweaking. Let's see what happens!
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Subject: Grants Overland Campaign of 1864 - by: Zeke
Well it’s all gone a bit quiet on the ACW front…….Not!!! Fantastic to see a lot of new maps and sprites appearing or in progress…So here is my modest attempt the download is at the bottom of this post.

Clash of the Titans – Grant’s Overland Campaign

Its March 1864 and Gettysburg is but a distant memory….. In Richmond the Confederacy led by President Jefferson Davis reels from news of disaster after disaster in the west but are buoyed by better news from the eastern front thanks mainly to the remarkable leadership of General Robert E. Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia who are still managing to frustrate all who are sent against them. Meanwhile in Washington, things are no better for President Abraham Lincoln. Anti-war copperhead support is now growing and with only a few months before he has to go to the ballot box he now has to do what no president has ever done before…. Fight an increasingly bloody war and at the same time win a national election. It’s an election that even Lincoln now thinks he can’t win and he tells his cabinet that they now have to win the war before the democrats come to power.

However, in the west there is better news. Fresh from his victories at Vicksburg and then Chattanooga which culminated in the rout of Confederates at Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant is now seen as the military hero of the Union cause. A desperate Lincoln who has been following Grant since Belmont in 1861 finally wins cabinet approval to bring him to the east. Once in Washington Grant sets to work on his strategy and Lincoln promotes Grant to full Lieutenant General of all Federal Forces. Although Lincoln and secretary of war Stanton have full confidence in Grant the same cannot be said for Maj. Gen. George E. Meade the current commander of The Army of the Potomac their confidence here is rapidly on the wane as since his famous victory at Gettysburg Meade has only led his army in two rather minor campaigns - Mine Run and Bristoe Station, both of which strategically amounted to nothing. Grant decides to take the measure of Meade and his army for himself and rather than the new commander of chief staying in Washington he will follow the Army of the Potomac on campaign.

In Virginia Lee also has concerns, his “old Warhorse” James Longstreet with his First Corps is still yet to return from assignment in the west and rumours abound that his East Tennessee campaign has been anything but a great success. Resource of men and supplies are also dwindling and he desperately sends letters daily to Jefferson Davis asking for assistance. But Lee’s main concern is with his two remaining senior commanders – Richard S. Ewell’s (2nd Corps) performance at Gettysburg was lacklustre and he appears to have lost his early-war aggressiveness and Ambrose Powell Hill (Third Corps) whilst a superb divisional commander was also disappointing at Gettysburg and more recently completely reckless at Bristoe Station losing 1,200 of his best men, men Lee is discovering he cannot readily replace. At the beginning of May Lee begins to receive reports that his old adversaries in the Army of the Potomac are on the move again.

Lee naturally assumes that the cautious Meade is making a move towards Richmond but Lee is actually mistaken, in fact Grant’s objective is not the Confederate capital as others before him had obsessed, his objective is Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia. On May 4th 1864, the Army of the Potomac 120,000 strong crosses the Rapidan River converging on a small tavern in a place called “The Wilderness” it’s an area well known to the union army’s veterans as this dense forbidding woodland was part of the same area where the battle of Chancellorsville had been fought the previous year. Grant had no intention fighting here instead he wants to move quickly so that they can find good open ground where their superior numbers and artillery will count. But the determined westerner is about to learn a very hard lesson about fighting in the East and his teacher for this lesson will be Robert E. Lee, the dye was cast and the two leading Generals of the war are about to meet in combat for the very first time…………

This OOB pack Includes all the major battles of the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, North Anna and Cold Harbor in some cases I have split down the OOBs so they are more manageable……

The Wilderness east wing 5th May
The Wilderness west wing 5th May
The Wilderness east wing 6th May
The Wilderness west wing 6th May
Spotsylvania – Brock Road 7th May
Spotsylvania – Todd’s Tavern 8th May
Spotsylvania – Laurel Hill 8/9th May
Spotsylvania – Laurel Hill 10th May
Spotsylvania – Upton’s Assault 10th May
Yellow Tavern - 11th May
Spotsylvania – The Muleshoe 12th May
Spotsylvania – Warrens Probe 12th May
Spotsylvania – Harris Farm 19th May
North Anna – Jericho Mills
North Anna – Chesterfield Bridge
Cold Harbor - Haws Shop
Cold Harbor – Bethesda Church
Cold Harbor – Totopotomoy Creek
Cold Harbor – June 1st
Cold Harbor – June 3rd – Left Flank
Cold Harbour – June 3rd Right Flank
Cold Harbor - Trevilian Station

For details of this campaign please watch this fantastic overview from the Civil War Trust……

The mod also includes Reb Buglers excellent Bugle and Flag mods and the infantry mod so no additional mods need to be added or activated – my thanks for all the modders out there Reb Bugler, Crikey, Pom, Mark T, Martin, Davinci, Garnier, Gunship24 ….the list goes on! …..

Also features

  • New splash and loading screens.
  • I have also for the first time added new portraits down to Brigade level (some of those pictures took some research and finding!)
  • A subtle Unit flag mod that adds a bit of realism to the artillery and wagon trains.
  • 2 Bonus OOB's - Battle of Cloyd's Mountain, West Virginia and Battle of New Market, Virginia.

Plus You may notice a few other tweaks and additions

As before my sincere gratitude to all the skilled modders out there for their assistance that continue to ensure that SOWG is the best Civil war game out there.

IMPORTANT - Please ensure that you disable other mods before activating this mod - likewise deactivate this mod when using others as clashes may occur.

There are no maps included by there are plenty to go at on the forum now!

I’m working on a few other projects 1/Early western campaign – up to and including Perryville 2/ Franklin-Nashville and researching a Mexican-American War Mod - Then I hope to start looking at Petersburg, the 1864 Valley campaign and Appomattox but hope you enjoy this in the meantime…

Regards 

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How is everyone doing?]]>
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Subject: Recoloring uniforms aspects ? - by: Cleaburn
We would love to help anyone out there it would be awesome to see this!

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