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With the release of the NSD mapping tools I am finally able to start bringing historical battles to KS at a scale where the entire battle can be played on a single map in a single session and most importantly to make them run as smoothly as possible.

The first battle I am constructing is Waterloo because a lot of the work was already done by NorbSoft with the terrain and topography maps completed the only thing needed then was to scale everything down. The current version I am working on is approximately half scale to the original map consequentially large swaths of the battlefield can be viewed at the default view limit making a battle this large more realistically playable in HITS, at small player counts, and makes it quite immersive.

-The map scale is roughly half therefore the unit scale I am using is also half.
-Target battle time for this battle and most battles made after this is 90 minutes.
Reasoning is battle is roughly 9.5 hours long, map and unit size is cut in half, and the KS according to its developers plays out at about three times the historical speed.
9.5/2/3=1.583 hours
Translates into One real time minute = 6.33 game accelerated time minutes.
If you see any obvious flaws in the math or want to suggest some thing else feel free to comment.

Screen shots battlefield so far

Every cavalry regiment was kept intact but reduced by half strength. Most infantry battalions for the Anglo Allies had to be merged and half'd in order to keep scale and proportions correct. Lots of attention was paid to preserve the unit statistics for the Anglo Allied units; only units with similar or exact stats were merged and if the uniforms did not match they were not merged. The French are easier to deal with as almost every division follows the same structure. Artillery was also reduced proportionally but not by quite as much as half; probably closer to 2/5 or 1/4.

Only thing left on the agenda before I try to arrange a test game is to reduce the range of canister, shot, and small arms to fit the new scale. The scenario runs very well but I have not tested it over multiplayer yet but I think it will hold up.

Please comment your thoughts, interest, or lack thereof.

I'll get some screen shots up of what d'Elron's attack looks like before I head off.

Gifs of d'Elron's advance

P.S. Yes I know the sunken road is not very sunken right now I will fix it later.

Special thanks to Kevin for being my only source of help at this point.

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