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Written by Matthew Flanigan   
Monday, 10 March 2014 04:56

We've heard you clamoring for a look at the sprites and we also hadn't shown you anything of Ligny either, so why not enjoy a bit of both?


Note: As the screenshots state, these are still in development and not final. There is still work being done with the shaders which means what you see here is not the final product.

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Posted: 3 years, 7 months ago by con20or #62360
tim wrote:
Great film of the cavalry charge!

Posted: 3 years, 7 months ago by tim #62357
Great film of the cavalry charge! Thanks for the information - please keep it coming. No one will tell you to 'Shut the hell up'. We do read all posts and will consider suggestions and things do get changed.

The artillery sprite you suggested can't work due to the way we render them I'm afraid - I can't render a canon separately from the crew. Also as we use 2d sprites and not 3d models colouring them differently means a different sprite and therefore no saving on memory.

We will certainly avoid the red = British, blue = French trap. There will be as much variety and authenticity as we can fit in! There will be more screenshots coming.

Great review by the way of TW - for me there is just no challenge in TW (there used to be with Shogun and MTW but then it lost its way I think - my personal opinion). I prefer something like Combat Mission which is a great game - I see ourselves as making the horse and musket Combat Mission
Posted: 3 years, 7 months ago by Jolly #62349
Some very well written and informative posts Colonel Bill, with some nice observations.

Thank you

Posted: 3 years, 7 months ago by Colonel Bill #62338
Understood and I fully realize the issues with the game engine for a period of history this complex.

The other issue I recommend you think about is the "Hollywood History" perspective many of your customers will have, especially in the colonies. Generally, this period of history isn't as popular as the ACW or WWII, so familiarity is based on whatever is on the television or at the cinema. Thus everyone knows all British uniforms were red (with full apologies to the RA, RHA, Light Dragoons, Hussars, Oxford Blues, the 60th and 95th Foot), because that's what it had in Mel Gibson's The Patriot! Make the detail of your game too accurate and people get confused and word gets around.

Fortunately you folks have stuck with making sure the units function historically in your ACW games, and North v South is pretty simple uniform wise. My recommendation is you dig in your heels and never portray the former, but compromise on the latter.

As an example, if I were doing this game (not knowing squat about programing) I would make two cannon sprites, one single and one split trail and just color them differently by nationality. I would pick one flag for the Prussians and have everyone carry it, even though Prussian light infantry, hussars, lancers, Landwehr and all infantry regiments numbered 13 and above carried no flags at all. Then you can get away with putting ALL Landwehr in grey Letewkas, all Jaegers and Schutzen in dark green and so on. The most common flag seems to have been the black and white standard carried by the 2d East Prussian Infantry, so either their Kings or Regimental Color is the way I would go.


If you have time in your busy day, check out page 3 of a review I did for wargamer.com on Empire: Total War at wargamer.com/article/2688/pc-game-grognard-review-empire-total-war-a-grog's-perspective?page=3 . Just don't do what they did.

Otherwise I'll keep track of your progress and interject on occasion if I think it useful, fully willing to shut the hell up when told. Let me start by recommending a YouTube video you might want to watch given cavalry will have a much larger role in this game than anything you've done before. Its of the French Garde Republicaine executing a cavalry charge by the book, 1805 edition. Errol Flynn and Mel Gibson it ain't and you can find it at .

Given your other stuff, I am really, REALLY looking forward to this game.

Ciao, Colonel Bill
Posted: 3 years, 7 months ago by tim #62333
Thanks for the feedback and information Bill. We strive for a high degree of accuracy and detail and will usually opt for the most historic choice if given the option. There are a number of constraints however - the two main ones being resources and pc memory limits/power.

As mentioned we have a new overlay system so we can add more variety to sprites - for instance we can overlay the facings colours for the British Infantry. We have a number of Napoleon experts and enthusiasts on the team (I count myself more as an enthusiast but have visited the battlefield three times including during re-enactments and had wargamed the period for a number of years).

We'll have a relook at the Prussian cannon - it would be reasonably easy fix - we did look into this and went for British cannon - we have to go for one or the other otherwise the memory hit is too big. We won't sadly be able to depict every unique regiment and flag. I wish we could but its just not possible and so we do have to make certain design decisions making sprites.

To give you an example of our thought processes I made an overlay of white trousers (pants to our US cousins) for British Guard regiments - as well as the various (blue I think?) facings. During research we discovered that the Guards probably didn't wear white despite most artists and books depicting them in white. So we debated and decided that for game purposes it would be good to distinguish them so stayed with the white (especially as the majority of gamers, books and models depict them in white - including the National Army museum). This is the sort of detail we will go to and discussions we have.

The great thing about Nappy wars are the variety of troops and uniforms but the flip side is we will not have them all in. As for it turning into a Napoleon Total War - well we don't have 3d troops or all the bells and whistles graphically but we do have thousands of troops on the field at any one time and a superb AI, historically accurate maps thoroughly researched and single and multiplayer scenarios!

Please keep your comments coming - we do listen and will change things if possible.

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