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The concept behind NorbSoftDev is to reward all of the people that contribute to the game. In my previous company, MadMinute Games, the company was owned by two people and they received all of the profits.  

No, they did not get rich, there is not a lot of money in these games. The point is that these games are made by a lot of people. MMG could never have released any games without the contributions of a core team of people. These people worked countless hours helping MMG create the Take Command series. They put in almost as many hours as the two man MMG team. Help with maps, scenario creation, board moderation, tech support, design, historical research, testing, all of these jobs were done in part by unpaid volunteers. After relying heavily on the team for the first game, and then to an even greater degree in the second game, I realized that the model just wouldn't work. Two people should not collect all of the profit from the efforts of so many. These games are a labor of love and take an entire team of people to get right. They cannot be done, in any type of timely matter, by the efforts of a few. I myself, as an experienced programmer and game designer, could never pull off creating a game of this magnitude by myself. I need historians to let me know how the men should act, artists to make the game beautiful, sound design, testers, project management, music, scenario designers, level design, etc. The list goes on and on. Not to mention the most basic fact in that it's better to work on a team than by yourself. The shear amount of work would never have allowed us to finish a game in under 6 years working with just two people.

In order to handle this issue properly, I started NSD. Here games can be created and everyone that has a hand in the soup gets a cut in the profits. Yes, we will probably have a volunteer test team as we reach Beta stage, but everyone who is here in the beginning gets a share of the profits. This way, it's everyone's baby. It's not just for MMG or NSD, it's for themselves and something that they helped create. By starting over with a new company design, it was easier to make this happen the way I felt that it should. Every member of the team will get the sales reports, so they will know where we stand.  

 I'm really excited about this and we are working hard to get our first game out. It's not anytime soon and I'm not going to mention any dates. Right now it's fun without dates. We can do things in our own time with no pressure. Once I mention a date, then I'll kill myself and everyone around me to reach it, so it's good for our mental health to not have any dates. The game will be like former War3D engine games. We are using a newer version of the PowerRender engine for this game and plan on not having the terrain limitations of previous versions of War3D. It's going to be very cool. There are other features that we know you want that we plan to do, but I'm not saying anything until we're ready. So keep playing and modding MMG games for now. I designed the entire modding system and plan on doing it much the same in this new engine. We know you want more games like these and the team is here because they loved what MMG did. We won't let you down.