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These are all the resources we've used in any degree to write this game.  We are trying to include everything we can possibly think of, if we forgot something, just let us know.

Chris Rickwood - composer extraordinaire!

Chris Van Graas - best movie making tool on the net! 

Official Records

Volume 27 – The Gettysburg Campaign.
Books – General Histories.

 Regimental Strengths and Losses at Gettysburg. By John W. Busey and David G. Martin. Longstreet House (2005 edition).

 The Gettysburg Campaign, A Study in Command. By Edwin B. Coddington. Touchstone Press. 1968.

 The Guns at Gettysburg. By Fairfax Downey. Collier Books. 1958.

 The Brigades of Gettysburg. Bradley M. Gottfried. Da Capo Press. 2002

 The Maps of Gettysburg. Bradley M. Gottfried. Savas Beatie. 2007

 The Artillery of Gettysburg. Bradley M. Gottfried. Cumberland House. 2008

 The Attack and Defense of Little Round Top. By Oliver Wilcox Norton. Morningside Press. 1913.

 Gettysburg--The First Day by Harry W. Pfanz. University of North Carolina Press, 2000.

 Gettysburg--The Second Day by Harry W. Pfanz. University of North Carolina Press, 1998.

 Gettysburg. By Stephen W. Sears. Mariner Books. 2003.

 Pickett’s Charge. By George R. Stewart. Fawcett Publications. 1959

Books – Specific Units.
Vermont in the Civil War. By G. G. Benedict. The Free Press Association. 1888.

Nine Months to Gettysburg. By Howard Coffin. Countryman Press. 1997.

 The Iron Brigade. A Military History. By Alan T. Nolan. Indiana University Press. 1961.

 The Gettysburg Discussion Group:

 Order of Battle, compiled by John H. Eicher:


Gettysburg Magazine -

Early Photography at Gettysburg, William A Frassanito. 1995 Thomas
Gettysburg: A Journey in Time, William A Frassanito. 1975 Charles
Scribner's Sons.

Gettysburg Daily -
CG Textures -
Pano 2VR (used to create the sky mapping) -
Autodesk 3DS Max -
Adobe Dreamweaver/Illustrator/Photoshop -

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Beyond Compare
Microsoft Excel
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Paint
Direct X 9.0c
PowerRender 6.1
Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
Power Lobbies
Microsoft XP/2000/Vista
Install Creator

Dell Monitors
HANNspree Monitors
Verizon FIOS
Western Digital 


Don Troiani's Regiments and Uniforms of the Civil War
Autodesk Maya: Autodesk
Animation Shop 3:
Tree images:
Library of Congress Maps collection:

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also we used this page as well:

 Gettysburg, A Testing of Courage - Trudeau

Battles And Leaders, Vol 3 - Century Company

Devil's Den - Adelman & Smith

Chancellorsville - Sears

Official Records Atlas of the Civil War

Civil War Battle Atlas - Time Life

West Point Atlas of The Civil War

Maps Of The Civil War - Philips

Harpers Weekly - Guernsey

The Civil War Dictionary - Boatner

Encylapedia of The Civil War - Faust

War For The Union, Vol 3 - Nevins

Make Me a Map of the Valley - Hotchkiss

The Illustrated Atlas of the Civil War
The Illustrated Equipment of the Union
The Illustrated Equipment of the Confederacy  all by Tally Hall Press

The Battle Between the Farm Lanes, Hancock Saves the Union Center:
Gettysburg July 2, 1863  by David Shultz and David Wieck

"Over a Wide Hot Crimson Plain" The Struggle for the Bliss Farm at
Gettysburg July 2nd and 3rd, 1863  by Elwood Christ

Gettysburg's Bloody Wheatfield  by Jay Jorgenson

Small Arms at Gettysburg, Infantry and Cavalry Weapons in America's Greatest
Battle  by Joseph Bilby

Can't forget Brian Freeman, this guy works in the cube next to me and is not a game coder, but it is excellent coding knowledge that led me to the knowledge of how floating point numbers work across different processors.  Knowledge that was required to get the multiplayer running in sync.  Thanks Brian. 

One of my great buds from way back when we were both modding Quake II and came up with our first success story, King of the Server.  Jeff Curley has been on this adventure with me from the beginning and has put his roots down in San Diego working on the PlayStation.  We both dreamed of working in games and now we both are.  There's a few others from that Quake team that are now working in games, it was a great team.  Jeff schooled me in the different multiplayer techniques that might work for Scourge of War.  He brought it down to Romper Room level for me and got me to where I could see it happening in my code base.  Thanks a million Jeff! (mother to us KOTS guys :)