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I have had many requests to define our minimum specs for SOWGB.  Although we do not have a final platform, we can print out what we are running and what we think they will be:


Proposed Recommended:

1. DirectX 9c
2. Intel Core2 Duo
3. 2Gb RAM
4. 1Gb Harddrive space
5. 256Mb Video Card with DirectX 9 support
6. Video card should NOT be on board, but should be seperate, no shared memory
7. Some sort of sound :)
8. Monitor, keyboard, and mouse :)
9. XP or Vista or Win7
10. Internet connection for activation/deactivation/net play

We do plan on having a lot of options to lower these specs to something much less, but we have not done our min testing so we're not sure what they will be yet.  Basically by hiding the buildings and terrain sprites, you can run much faster or on lower end systems.  It's not nearly as pretty, but it will run.  We still have some stuff to try out to make this even better and we'll change this spec as we can.

 The above system has been out for over a couple of years now, so we don't feel that it's too high to ask.