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Here is an AAR of a Division size Sandbox battle played on the hardest difficutly level.  I was in command of Heths Division, facing "those Black Hat Devils!".  With all of the recent improvements to the enemy AI, you will see how clever and agressive they are.  Yes.. I'll admit it.. I got whipped!  I hope you enjoy.  

At the start of the battle, I had my division (Heths) lined up in and around the peach orchard facing west towards the Trostle Farm.  The division consists of two infantry brigades and an artillery battery.


I sent the 11th Missippi forward for pickett duty.  The enemy is spotted!


 I then choose a good open area to post my artillery battery, keeping a regiment close by.  The guns unlimber and start to fire.  

I  line up Archer's brigade in front of the enemys left.  


This is what my men see as they move into position.  The Union lines are just over the ridge ahead.  


As I am posting my left brigade (Davis), a Union regiment opens up one of his exposed regiments.  About face men! 

Several more Union regiments begin to fire on my right.  The battle begins!

The 11th Miss has taken enough beating and reatreats.  


A reserve regiment is quickly brought up to fill the gap.  

 Another regiment reatreats.  My left begins to crumble.  


My right continues to hold strong.  



 An enemy regiment performs a wide flanking maneuver to engage my artillery.  Bad mistake, they are quickly driven back with canister fire.  


With my left brigade now completely destroyed, the enemy sends in more regiments to take advantage of my exposed right.


Gen Davis is sent to the rear to rally his retreated regiments.  

Davis's brigade tries desperately to re-gain the ground on my left.  Shortly after this shot was taken, my left crumbles once again. 


 My right brigade continues to hold strong, but once again; here comes the enemy to take advantage of their exposed left! 

Despite taking heavy losses, the enemy will not back down!

 The enemy sends two regiments around my left to engage my retreated regiments! Have they no mercy?

The brave boys that have held my right, finally drive off their attackers.

But unfortunately, the same enemy regiments that attacked my retreated men, are sent in to re-inforce their line.

This move is obviously too much for my weakened forces to handle, and my remaining regiments begin to retreat.

My men fought bravely, but they must fall back (what is left of them) to fight another day.  The battle is over.