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We have the map pack done and it's up for sale. I'm trying to figure out how to work with all these online shopping carts, not as easy as it could be, but I think that I've got it.



We've also recently made an agreement with Gamer's Gate to carry the game. This might be better for our Euro paying commanders.


Norb Software Development, Inc. announces the release of the Pipe Creek Map Pack and the required patch version 1.3. The patch includes a few bug fixes but has the major function of enabling Map Packs. The patch version 1.3 must be installed to enable the installation of the Map Pack.

The Pipe Creek Line in northern Maryland was a position selected to serve as a designated battle position for the Army of the Potomac. A circular assigning the corps of the Army of the Potomac to specific locations was prepared on July 1, 1863. This document was superseded by the events we now know as the Battle of Gettysburg. This map pack and scenarios represent what might have happened had the Union army executed the Pipe Creek circular.

The Pipe Creek Map Pack is now available for purchase for $10.00 on the Purchase page at:

Specific items in the Pipe Creek Map Pack include:

- Three new 5 x 5 mile maps along the Pipe Creek Line.
- Six new (and difficult) single player scenarios set along the Line.
- Three new multiplayer scenarios, one for each map.

The free patch to update existing installations of the game to version 1.3 is available at: This patch will bring any version of the game up to version1.3.

The demo version available on the Scourge of War website at: is now at version 1.301. 

NorbSoftDev is an independent game company made up of Civil War fanatics! Formed in 2006 by former developers of the Take Command series, NSD has taken the 19th Century Combat engine to the next level by adding multiplayer, making the maps larger, and the AI smarter! Scourge of War: Gettysburg is the first release in their series of Civil War battle recreations. With a cartographer’s eye, and a historian’s attention to detail, they recreate the historical battlefields and the men that fought there. Having its main office in New Jersey, NSD is a virtual company consisting of game veterans from all over the globe.