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Nothing is more exciting than when you wake up in the morning and find that your site has been suspended. This has been happening more often to us lately as the number of hits on the site has steadily increased. A good web host will contact you first and let you know what's going on, but others like for example JustHost just rip you right down and then don't reply to your support emails for hours. Yes, it's very upsetting. So we're leaving them.

You can get there here for now:

We've been ripped down here at InMotion as well, due to over CPU usage on shared servers. Seems the unlimited bandwidth and disk space plans aren't all that unlimited on these hosts. Because they nail you with cpu usage which is certainly going to increase as hits go up. We've got a better relationship here, so we're moving over everything to InMotion. They've at least worked with us to try and solve the issues.

My number one advice is to never host your domain names in the same place as your webhosting. Keep them separate so that if this happens, you can switch yourself by updating the name servers. Another great byproduct of getting your site suspended is that all your email also goes away, you can't log into the site, so you are up the creek without a paddle. So make sure your contact email is hosted somewhere else as well. We got smart and moved our team list to google when this started happening. But our support email and activation email addresses are both scourgeofwar, so they are down right now. I don't know if we will get any of them in the backups, but if you send support email, please resend once we are back up.

We're working hard now to recover, so please bear with us.