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Yeah, I was shocked! I got my copy of PCGamer today and Take Command 2nd Manassas was number 78 OF ALL TIME! Newer guys might wonder what this means, but most of the guys here worked on TC2M as well. Anyone that's seen the games can see that SOWGB is just the next logical evolution of the games we started many years ago. If your curious, you can buy it from our store on the site. We started many years ago trying to fill the gap left by the Sid Meir's Games. Feeling that a small company could possibly fill a need in the gaming community. A wargame for wargamers by wargamers. Yeah, I know, not me, but the guys that create the scenarios and tell me how to make the game better. All the people on our forums that contribute and to the many people that have helped along the way. Feels sort of like a Hall of Fame to be recognized. Not the mention the great modding community that still keeps it alive on the MMG site. alt