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Waterloo is going full speed! We have not updated anything, as all of our resources are committed to finishing it for the anniversary next year. I know there are great Waterloo games out there already, some written by really great teams. But we figured that our engine is a little different, and enough people have asked, so we're giving Waterloo the Scourge of War treatment.

I wanted to write a little about some of the new team additions this year. We had a major problem, we are a team of Civil War buffs, but we are crazy about historical accuracy. So our first step was to get a Waterloo team on board. A group of people that were as crazy about Waterloo as we are about the ACW. We found them, and they all live in Italy :)

For the first time ever, a game will not be 100% coded by myself. One of our experts is Mitra from the boards and he also codes C++. So I ripped the AI out of the game engine, put it in a moddable DLL and he's been working on it for months. It's his baby and it's awesome. He's the expert and I'm just following his direction and taking his ideas and fitting them into the Scourge of War system. This is a huge team addition and this game would never be what it will be without Mitra. We had no idea what we were getting, but he's coded and schooled the rest of the team on Waterloo AI. We got your friggin squares!

You probably know the guy Jolly from the boards. He's been replacing our terrain sprites for years and making us look bad. So we got him on the team. Best maps ever. Just gorgeous. Now at least our maps will look that awesome out of the box rather than waiting on Jolly's mod.

The rest of the Italian connection you probably know from the very cool Nappy mod for SOW. Gunship, Sargon, Desaix, Leffe all came on board to make sure we do Waterloo right. While we were messing with the new gui tools, these guys were working with Mitra on transforming the AI. Gunship already had it all there, exactly what needed to be done to transform SOWGB to SOWWL. You can check out his mod on the boards. It's like getting a team of vets to bring us over the finish line. OK, so they are not all from Italy, a little England and Switzerland mixed in there, but it sounds cooler, like the SOW Mafia. These are the guys that are really making sure that we do this thing right. They are very good, a little too good... Probably plants from TW trying to snag away our team.

How long have we been asked for tools, some tools to navigate our crazy csv files. Our own team has been asking for them, so if you've been on our boards you probably know pakfront. He's been doing awesome things with our games for years, but now we have him and he's creating tools. A full blown scenario designer that our own team will use to create Waterloo. By using it ourselves you know it will be awesome because our own scenario team is going to make sure it has all the features to support their work. Forgot to mention that he also has a major clue about shaders, of which I have none, so he's another reason the maps are going to rock.

We also got a marketing guy, Flany from the boards. Rather than the rest of us schlubs, he's actually studied it. So when you see most of the updates here, or on our facebook page or twitter account. That's all him. It's nice to have that handled by someone with a clue. He writes a lot and we're lucky to have him. Not to mention his historical knowledge.

Yes everyone tests, every day and that's led by Conor. He's been around for a while, but this is his first major release as QA lead. SSpoom also came on board to help with the testing. We never have enough testers. He's passionate about the game, a regular MP player and that's what we need. Guys that get the game, people that play the game. Conor has a few more to bring on, but we pride ourselves on solid releases and nothing is changing on that angle just because we cross the ocean.

I don't think that I forgot anyone on the newer list. I'm going to feel like a real fool if I did. I work mostly with Mitra and keep my head in the sand for the other parts, then when I lift it up everything is hopefully finished :)

Yeah, the rest of the old team is here, chained to our computers. But I wanted to introduce the newer guys. Say hi on the boards, and make sure to blame them first if something doesn't work :)