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We are very proud to have Scourge of War - Waterloo on Steam. This is the premier PC gaming platform and it's awesome to see hardcore wargames on there. Big thanks to Matrix for making this happen. Iain, JD, Marco, and Matt! Thank you for working so hard on the Matrix side and stepping us through the process.

A lot of Steam popularity depends on user reviews. So if we want wargames to stay at the top and attract more gamers to the genre, we need you to spread the word. If you have a Steam account, please go on their and point new users to our boards or help them out there. Let's see if we can get some positive reviews on there. We all know that the SOW games have a steep learning curve, so without everyone's help people are just going to pick up the game and get frustrated. Maneuvering your infantry or directing a cavalry charge is a little harder than getting a headshot on a zombie. We have a great community here and we'd like to see it grow. The new patch takes care of a lot of the major game play issues. So we're ready to school the world on how to get through the Battle of Waterloo without losing too many couriers.

Thank you everyone for your great support of our games!

All of us at NSD