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SB_Gunsmoke Ver1.5a

Git it here: !

To install, just extract to desktop then copy/move to Mods Folder.


1. Lowered rifle and arty smoke.
2. New canister explosion gfx
3. New shrapnel explosion gfx
4. New sound for Whitworth rifled arty.
5. New shell expolsion gfx.
6. i'm sure i'm forgeting something.

To set this mod up. just rename munitions file by removing the _XDD, etc.


munitions_XDD to munitions = 1.5 sec delay with drift

munitions_XD to munitions = drift only

munitions_X to munitions = no delay and no drift

Enjoy, and let me know if you see anything wrong.

Only known problems are that the arty solid shot and canister explosions are to loud, havent figured these out yet.


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