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Window 11: New Ground Mod Crashes every time

4 weeks 23 hours ago #1 by Gerry

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  • Hey RebBugler:
    Hope you are well. I had this urge to play New Ground on my W11 rig, and I loaded the mods, see screenshot, and I cannot get this game to run. It loads everything and crashes. Help!

    Event viewer results are very strange. I get references to Logitech and Saitek, which make no sense. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 



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    4 weeks 21 hours ago #2 by RebBugler

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  • Hey Gerry

    Mod conflicts are the most common causes of crashes. Since you're playing the 'True Ground' series with B&F, try disabling all other mods but the 'True Ground' mods along with B&F. Prioritize them in Modifications like this:

    Bugles & Flags XIX
    True Ground Maps - Gettysburg - The Big Picture
    True Ground SR1
    True Ground SR1 II

    You're the first posting regarding Win 11, guess that makes you the first official tester. Given that, does the game run with no mods opted? Please keep us updated as to your progress or lack of...

    Thanks in advance


    Bugles & Flags Gettysburg - Toolbar, Flags, Scenarios, and More...

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