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General Stand Watie and his confederate indians

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    General Stand Waties confederate Indians
    Stand watie

    -Indian territory [Wyoming]
    -Born dec 12 1806, 53 when war began
    -Stand watie became chief of the Cherokee Indians during the civil war and was leader of Cherokee mixed bloods ¾ Cherokee.
    -lived a Cherokee life house/lifestyle.
    - was said to be Kind to a fault
    -wealthy slave owning aristocratic planter of cotton before war.
    Last confederate general to surrender June 23 1865 to lieutenant colonel Asa C Mathews
    Richmond promoted him to brigade general- only Indian general in war

    In war

    “ The foremost solider ever produced by the north American Indians”
    -Won praise of whites and enemy Indians who previously doubted most Indians ability in war
    -Good at leading charges once led a charge against 3-1 odds with artillery and captured the gun at pea ridge. One of his men after charge [years later] said “His men would follow watie to the jaws of death and the “mysterious power of stand watie” was how they took the guns.
    -Always led command from front
    -“ Shermans terrible raid, on a smaller scale, might have been repeated in the Indian territory and Texas had it not been...for general Watie and his command. His brigade was like a stone wall between Texas and the foe”
    -His defense seemed weak most battles lost were when defending
    -Great raider feared by union. One 14 day raid marched 400 miles [horse] killed 97 wounded many more captured 111 burned 6,000 tons of hay captured $1,500,000 worth of property at a loss of only 6 men killed 48 wounded. General kirby smith called it “one of the most brilliant raids of the war”
    -Great scout colonel Phillips union army fort gibson said “Watie knew as much about movements of Yankees supplies as the federal supply officers themselves”-Watie was able to discipline his Indians when most were not [including other Indian generals]
    -known for raids and capturing supply, captured large numbers of mules/horse right under the federals guns
    -Overshadowed by Jo Shelby the premier Calvary general of IT/Missouri.
    -During a 6 week period the road was out [supply] , his command had to feed their horses tree bark and branches.
    -recaptured IT capital in raid after north had taken it.
    -Great at evasion of enemy

    Watie and most Indian tribes Fought for the confederacy

    -Most Indian tribes were slave owners the Cherokee among them.
    -Watie called white abolitionist renegade Indians and Negros inferior races
    -Had a passionate devotion to states rights
    -Federal troops forced Cherokee removal from Georgia [trail of tears] causing anger by Cherokee and southern whites by how it was conducted, led to trail of tears.
    -Indians sent delegate to csa government
    -S Indians tribes forced into service all able body men to fight and lost more % population than any state in confederacy.
    -During war the north killed men,woman,children of a neutral tribe, driving them to join the C.S.A
    -Indianans were treated well by Richmond and Davis. Richmond sent gov officials and money/food/supply to help aid the Indian territory with needs.
    -Confederacy fed and financially supported displaced Indian family from union occupation

    Interesting unrelated to watie from book

    -Negros fought for confederacy under a Mcintosh regiment [ not full black regiment mixed] in march 1862
    -General Albert pikes bodyguard was a black slave named brutus. Who was later let free after hiding and keeping over $60,000 of confederate government money from union capture, but instead chose to stay with his master.
    -General Hindman commander of Arkansas – Negros gave a ball at 50Cents a head for support for the confederacy and the general – Negros donated to the cause.
    -Indians still tomahawked and scalped enemy.
    -Indians used bow and arrows on both sides north and south
    -Cherokee Death penalty if any Indian married a negro
    -Indian law- death penalty for anyone who sold lands to whites.
    -Cherokee rapidly went from warlike to advances in education, agriculture, political rights and society after the “white man” .
    -Jesse james at 15 years old fought under both Jo shelby and Quantrill
    -shelby faked a retreat gave up 4 guns- when federals “captured” the confederate ambush opened on them with hidden guns and forced retreat.
    -After war Indians did not want to allow Negros in Indian territory [segregation] when forced by us government to provide land for Negros the Indians [ trying to prevent it] called it “the dark treaty”
    -Indians committed war crimes and killed surrendered blacks and whites.
    -Most spies were woman, woman would not be punished men were hanged

    "How do you like this are coming back into the union"
    confederate solider to Pennsylvanian citizen days before Gettysburg 

    "Angels went to receive his body from his grave but he was not there, they left very disappointed but upon return to heaven, found he had outflanked them and was already there". Northern newspaper about the death of Stonewall Jackson

    "No way Sherman will go to hell, he would outflank the devil and get past havens guard"
    southern solider about northern general sherman
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