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We've never been there, so it will be very interesting to see what it's all about. Our publisher, Slitherine, has asked us to give a short presentation on our company and games. So Jim, Matt, and I are making the trek and will be there Thursday and Friday. There's no booth we'll be manning, maybe we'll wear our SOWGB hats so that we can meet folks that attend.
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Brandy Station Released! PDF Print E-mail

The latest expansion for Scourge Of War, Brandy Station has been released!


Purchase now for only $9.99!



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SOWCV Wargamer Review PDF Print E-mail
The Wargamer has taken their turn running SOWCV through it's paces. There were some items in there that more time with the game would have helped out with, but that's one of the things we need to work on, making the game friendlier to new players. There is so much packed in there, but unless you know where to look, it's hard to find. SOWCV Review
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New Year Exciting Time for NSD PDF Print E-mail

The team here is working hard to keep this type of historical recreation continuing. We just finished up a new demo that now includes Sandbox mode in Single Player and Multi Player. We want to give new people a chance to really experience the game. We've also removed all the old activation process from the demo. It's all on the same standard link, so if you know someone that would enjoy this type of game, make sure to have them check it out.

Next we're finishing up patches for all our games. We've added new features, fixed bugs, opened up MP modding, repaired maps, the list goes on. Look for that very soon.

Another Map Pack, oh yes! We just can't keep these guys down, everytime they get any down time they're coming up with new maps and new scenarios. So we'll have that to offer soon. Everyone loves new maps.

Then onto our next major project. No official name yet, but we are in the design stage and have been working hard researching the history. This gives us a chance to completely rewrite portions of the game, stuff we just cannot do in a patch.

Our team is growing. We've been very small for a long time, so we opened the doors to bring in new talent and new ideas. It's tough balancing all this in your free time, an infusion of new blood is a benefit to everyone. Everyone is coming in loaded with great ideas to make the game shine. Not sure when this one will be released, but it's going to be awesome!

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