TC2M Release Date Announced! PDF Print E-mail

TC2M will be coming to a PC near you next Friday October 28th!

You can check out the store page now at the link below:

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Ligny has been released! PDF Print E-mail

Scourge of War - Ligny has been released!

Click here to purchase!

Scourge of War: Ligny is an expansion for Scourge of War: Waterloo and requires the base game to play

Following and expanding on the scope of the base game, Scourge of War: Ligny focuses heavily on realistic units, formations, tactics, weapon ranges, and more.

In an extremely accurate Order of Battle, you will find all of the historical units that originally fought. Each unit has its own commander and objectives: whether you choose to give orders as the Emperor Napoleon or Prince Blucher, you can lead your army to victory in five new scenarios covering all the critical phases of the battle of Ligny!

The battlefield is meticulously represented in an extensively researched, historically correct 5-mile x 5-mile map. You will be pleased to find all of the features (and more!) that have made Scourge of War: Waterloo the best simulation of Napoleonic warfare ever created.


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TC2M Is Coming To Steam! PDF Print E-mail

You've heard the rumors..  It's true..  All of it..

The game that started it all - Take Command - 2nd Manassas is coming to Steam!!

Stay tuned for more info!


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Quatre Bras Release Date Announced PDF Print E-mail

The Quatre Bras release date has been set.  Coming to a PC near you on the 201st anniversary of the battle, June 16th!

Click here for more info on Scourge of War - Quatre Bras


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