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The first official NSD multiplayer tournament is complete and the Champion is Baldwin. Congratulations Baldwin!· I know it was no easy task as the first tournament featured many seasoned MP veterans.The championship game was fought on the Alpine Map.  If you aren't familiar with the Scourge Of War Gettysburg Maps, Alpine is a HUGE map with mountanous terrain and offers many tactical possibilities.  The OOB used was completely balanced with three arms on each side (Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery). 

If you are a fan of multiplayer and want to show your skills, we encourage you to sign up for the next tournament which will feature 2 Vs. 2 team games.  More informarion can be found here:

Tournament Forum

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Vote for Scourge of War on Cyber stratege! PDF Print E-mail

Scourge of War has been nominated for the Best Strategy Games of 2010, but we need your votes to win. The French Strategy Gaming Website Cyberstratege is holding the votes, so please show your support!

Vote here! It's a little down on the right, not sure if we can pull off a victory with all the great French Wargames out there, but we can try and at least put up a good showing.

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More of our PCWorld Interview PDF Print E-mail

Matt Peckam from PCWorld has posted parts 2&3 of the interview he did with us.  It's a great read and really good insight into how the game process works, at least for us.

Building a Civil War: NorbSoftDev on Designing Scourge of War Gettysburg

Gettysburg Unplugged: NorbSoftDev on How Scourge of War Gettysburg Thinks

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Official SOWGB Multiplayer Tournament PDF Print E-mail

NorbSoftDev is pleased to announce the first official multiplayer tournament for Scourge Of War: Gettysburg. 

So you think you are a good player? Well here's your chance to prove it.  Each week we will have a series of MP Games with different battle types, maps, objectives, etc.

The system will feature a tournament bracket.  Each week a new forum topic will be posted that contains the game information.  Players will reply to the topic that they are intersted in playing.  Once the bracket has been filled, the game times will be posted.  Game times will be Friday nights at 9PM Eastern.  The games will continue on a weekly basis until a Champion is crowned. 

The first tournament will be Beta so changes may be made frequently and without notice to improve the system.  Comments and suggestions will be welcomed.

Link to forum topic.

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