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Here's what's going on. We have been working on the next patch which features a major new item, replay! We have a few more kinks to work out, but this will be an official patch. NSD has been selected by MST Technologies, Inc. to help create a training class for the US Army and provide SOWGB games for the graduates. We still have work to do on this one, but that makes 3 different places in the US Army where they are using SOWGB! The team is also working hard on a new mappack. This will be the first NSD release with maps by our new mapmaker John Bonin. He's doing a fantastic job. If you make it to the Gettysburg Battlefield this year, you should be able to find SOWGB on the store shelves in the museum store and also in one of the downtown stores. If you see the game, please take a picture and post it. It's just cool to be there
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SOWGB - The Research Paper? PDF Print E-mail

Every once in a while we search the net to see what's being said about the game. During a recent search we were pleasantly surprised to find a research paper written by Mark Mullen at George Washington University. It's cool because he gets it! He knows why we make the game the way we do and you all play. He understands the dedication to creating a realistic experience. Since it's public on the net, I guess it's safe to share:

Realism vs. Reelism: The Scourging of Total War
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TC2M Selected as one of the Top 100 Games of All Time! PDF Print E-mail
Yeah, I was shocked! I got my copy of PCGamer today and Take Command 2nd Manassas was number 78 OF ALL TIME!
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