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As promised, the Waterloo SDK has been released!  It contains everything you need to MOD the game, including a scenario editor.

Click below for Norb's announcement and download link:

Waterloo SDK

Now, get to modding!  We can't wait to see what you can do.

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A short update, a new Troop Sprite, and More PDF Print E-mail

I know everyone is busy playing Waterloo so I'll try and keep this brief.  We just wanted to post a quick update on what we've been up to, as well as our plans for the near future.

First of all, we may have seemed a bit quiet as of late.  That's because we've been hard at work finalizing the SDK (Software Development Kit).  This kit will contain all of the tools you need to mod the game, including a Scenario Editor.

Following the release of the SDK, next up will be the first major patch for Waterloo.  The patch will address a few pesky bugs, as well as other updates.

Also, Tim (our troop sprite extraordinaire) posted a poll on the forum a few weeks back on adding a couple brand new troop sprite mods to the game.  Well, your votes were counted and the Prussian Landwehr Cavalry, and the Chasseurs a Cheval Garde won!  (click the names to download the mods)

New Sprite!


And finally, you may have seen the posts from Matrix games on Facebook or Twitter, or on the official HOW15 site , but Matt (A.K.A "Little Powell") made the journey across the pond to attend the 2015 Home Of Wargamers Developers Conference.  The event was held in Castel Brando--a magnificent medieval castle situated in the hills of northern Italy!  Matrix Games/Slitherine put on a fantastic event, with several informative presentations, guest speakers, and of course a little entertainment, which included an archery contest and a wine tasting at an 8,000 year old vineyard.  The developers discussed where the industry is going, and ways to make the best wargames available even better.

That's it for now.  Hope you are enjoying Waterloo, and keep the feedback coming.


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Apple Restores Civil War Defense Unmodified PDF Print E-mail
Civil War Defense is back! Civil War Defense
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Reply to Apple PDF Print E-mail
Norb replies to Apple's ban of Civil War Defense
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