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The NSD Dev Team consists of:

Norb Timpko - Programming/Producer
Jim Weaver - Lead Designer
Eric Schuttler - Lead Artist
Tim Catherall - Unit Artist 
Derek Fiedler - Artwork
Oliver Neumann - Quality Assurance
Mark Tewes - Scenario Designer 
Paul Tewey - Sound
Larry Tagg - Manual
Matt Clyburn - Lead Tester
Randy Keen - Bugler
Brett Schulte - Historian

NSD Beta Test Team:
Dave Waltman
Ron Stakelbeck
Chuck Wood
John Edwards
Gab Feller

R. Norb Timpko - Programming/Producer (Lead Programmer/Project Manager)

Norb Timpko (Robert Norbert Timpko) started gaming a long time ago by playing Bard's Tale on his C64.  After high school, he attended the Marine Military Academy in Harligen, TX.  From there he spent two year at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.  When a football injury forced him to leave, he finished up his computer science degree at Penn State.  Norb worked in a variety of industries while learning his craft, defense, accounting, mortgages, educational, document publishing, etc.  Norb got his big break by demoing his Quake2 mod King of the Server to Breakaway Games in Hunt Valley, MD.  At BAG he worked on Waterloo, Emperor of China, and Civilization III Conquests.  After BAG he worked for Strat-O-Matic Games and is currently back in the defense industry.  While at BAG Norb started MadMinute Games with another BAG employee.  Together they made the two game Take Command Series.  After differences forced them to split up, Norb started NorbSoftDev and began work on the next generation of the War3D engine.

Jim Weaver - Lead Designer (Decisions/Coordination/Lead Designer)


Eric Schuttler - Lead Artist/Level Designer (Maps/Maps/Maps/Web Design)

Eric Schuttler (Louie Raider) has been in the professional graphic design industry since his matriculation from Virginia Tech over 15 years ago. At the advent of the World Wide Web he taught himself web design and has since had his work featured in People Magazine, and in websites for the musical group Steely Dan and the Syrian government.
After Norb unlocked the maps from the game Take Command: Second Manassas, Eric took up map modding as a hobby and created maps for Antietam, Champion Hill and Chickamauga, and taught himself how to create 3D objects for map placement. Being on Team NSD has allowed Eric to increase his knowledge of not only map-making and 3D technology, but also Civil War history as well. He's honored to be on a team comprised of decent, talented individuals, and is looking forward to creating future maps and helping Norb push the bar even higher in the 3D game genre.
In what little spare time he has, Eric also enjoys painting, spending time with his family, and all-grain homebrewing.

Tim Catherall - Lead Artist (Units/Screens/Lead Artist)


Tim is the Englishman on the team. By profession he’s a bean counter and is happily married with two daughters. He’s been interested in history since he could read and grew up playing toy soldiers with his two brothers. He developed a life long love of history, art and sport at a young age. He first started playing computer games when he picked up a copy of Age of Rifles and Close Combat. His main interest is in the Great War (WW1) and he realised the only way he would get to game it was to start modding. Hooking up with fellow WW1 obsessive’s he produced the graphics for the WW1 mod for Close Combat 2 and 3 and designed and hosted the website. Following on from there he spotted MMGs first game and was impressed with its modding capacity. Using Total War models he began producing sprites along with the help of Derek (aka bedbug). Together with other modders they produced the Rebels and Redcoats mod. Having already experimented with 3d art for a few years the next progression was to make his own animated 3d models and at that stage Norb asked him to join the new project. He grabbed the opportunity with both hands and is thoroughly enjoying the experience and learning more about the American Civil War.

Aside from the game development currently he is honing his 3d skills with Maya and Zbrush and turning out most Saturdays for Hove Rugby Football Club social team.

Derek Fiedler - Artwork (Explosions/Smoke/Terrain Shrubbery)

Derek Fiedler AKA bedbug has, for the majority of his career, worked building exhibitry for a major museum. He found the MMG page, bought the games, and started making mods with Tim. He now works with the NSD Art Department assisting Tim with soldier sprite production and model making and Eric with level design by adding trees, crops, stonewalls, etc. He spends his spare time playing with effects like smoke and explosions. 

Oliver Neumann - Quality Assurance (CSV Master)

Brett Schulte - Historian (OOB's)

Mark Tewes - Scenario Designer (Scenarios/Scenarios/Scenarios)

With a collection of over 200 war games, from Gettysburg 1965 by Avalon Hill to the Napoleonics of Clash of Arms 2008, I participate in this hobby with a vengeance. I have published my own games as well as assisted others in publishing, and I found myself involved and lending my 2 cents into a wide variety of computer war game projects spanning from the dawn of computers to the varied fields of NSD. I am a member of the Historical Miniature Gaming Society and boast a collection of over 22,000 miniatures from all eras. In this business, scenario creation is not a luxury, but a requirement. Coupled with a little programming ability, the gaming world on all levels is an open book.

With 41 years of Gaming, I have to be the old man of this team. As a child, my dreams of map making, coupled with my love of history and technology, pushed me into related education and jobs in the civil engineering (mapping) field. When I stumbled onto the Take Command series of games I was so struck by the system that I was determined to create maps of many battles as well as a Napoleonic variations. While trying to amass the software needed to create the maps, they started appearing on the MMG forum. After an endless wait for scenarios, I realized that this is where I needed to be focused, so I dug in behind the scenes and started scripting. The rest is history (or as best I could have scripted it).

Paul Tewey - Sound (SoundFX)

Hello to All, and all a good nite
WHAT Xmas already ...almost mwhahahaha........

My name is Paul
AKA Vonviper from the TC2M forums realm and some tree mods etc.Chattanooga hehe.
I work in the Sound shop here at NSD, unlike the other shops
my desk doesn't have the surround 4X 22''widescreens, the latest Greatest thinga mugjig, just one widescreen lol..jk
I'm the new guy who's name is written on a piece of paper pinned to the door, well i'm tryin, theres alot of great artists here at NSD.
dedicated people who like what they're doing and are working hard to produce a great game for ya and are doing a very fine job indeed.
I'm impressed and honored to work with all NSD shop members and Community members
who can't wait, like everyone else until the first game is released from NSD.
just wanted to say hello and welcome, I'll be Runnin around in the forums
see ya'll there

John Edwards - Gameplay
Gab Feller - Gameplay
Matt Clyburn - Gameplay
Larry Tagg - Gameplay
Randy Keen - Gameplay
Dave Waltman - Gameplay 

Mary Lou Timpko - Owner NorbSoftDev

Mary Lou met Norb when he worked as a bouncer at Player's on the Penn State Main Campus.  She completely regrets asking him for a motorcycle ride after she saw him leaving in his leather jacket.  Yes, he did think he was cool.  Mary Lou & Norb have 3 great kids and live in Freehold, NJ.   Mary Lou has a Bachelor's of Science degree from Penn State University and spends most of her time getting seriously involved in raising the three nuggets.