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Ron Berg from the Rocky Mountain Civil War Roundtable has reviewed SOWGB and sent us his latest.  We really appreciate everyone that takes the time to review our game.  Thanks Ron!

I’ve always counted simulations (which somehow sounds more respectable than “game”) as valuable tools in understanding history. Like their brethren media — books, movies, reenactments, collecting, etc. — a high-quality simulation provides insights into an event and the challenges faced by the participants. Interactive by definition,
simulations bring a number of unique advantages over other methods. They are tools for self-teaching that can be used to explore a nearly unlimited spectrum of “what if” alternatives. And knowledge learned in this way is quickly internalized and often long-lasting.

Gettysburg has been a favorite subject for gamers for a long time. My very first experience with any historical simulation was an early Avalon Hill Company Gettysburg board game title from the mid-1960s. I’ll always remember the tag line on the box: “Now YOU fight the Civil War battle in this REALISTIC GAME.” Well, maybe not so much. But even with its limitations, AH’s primitive effort did add mightily to the knowledge of a few ignorant teenagers. Since those early days, several companies and individuals have made numerous attempts to recreate the history and experience of that Pennsylvania battlefield. While all such efforts have limitations, a recently released computer simulation by NorbSoftDev has taken the genre to the next level.

Download the newsletter and read the entire review here.