Scourge of War Update

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Re: Scourge of War Update

Post by Destraex »

A little excited about this. I own the game on steam but really never enjoyed it but loved the concept of courier messengers, multiplayer sub commanders HITs etc. It would have been the perfect napoleonic game except;
Why? Because the ground textures being such large blocks compared to the sprites made it hard to look at because of the contrast of what looked like ground maps made that would have made soldiers 100x the size of the sprites look more at home on.
The other thing was not being able to appreciate the terrain because the trees were not drawn in even at fairly close distances on the best settings (I tried all the suggested tweaks off the forums way back).

Is the engine getting overhauled to support multi-threading? Or does it already?

Will owners of the current steam version have to re-purchase? Not that I mind too much if the game becomes playable. Just curious.

So just my 2c. 07 guys and great news. Don't stress and enjoy the process.
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Re: Scourge of War Update

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I will buy the game again without any problems. With these changes, SoW will become the best of the Napoleonic games. Fans are waiting for a new release
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Re: Scourge of War Update

Post by Cleaburn »

Waterloo first why
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Re: Scourge of War Update

Post by DarkRob »

Cleaburn wrote: Thu Feb 23, 2023 7:35 pm Waterloo first why
Because it's the better game, from a technical point of view. It corrected alot of issues with the civil war games, even though it created some of its own, it's still the best place to start. I think their aim is to combine both into one united system.
Martin James
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Re: Scourge of War Update

Post by Martin James »

Can you go into a bit of detail on why you think Waterloo's a better game from the technical point of view please, DarkRob. Our group mainly plays GB, although we have very recently been experimenting with a few Waterloo games.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Scourge of War Update

Post by BankSixdeis »

Hey Norb :)

I just wanted to come on here and post some more encouragement for you and your team from a person and a player whose life you are impacting in a very positive way.

For the first time the other day, I finally tackled Antietam in the older SOW: Gettysburg Collectors Edition game.

Went right for it. Fuck it. Full 11 hour battle simulation as the underdog CSA army.

Grognard difficulty, but for the free roaming camera and no couriers (custom settings). Since I’d finally learned the SOW system (I’d always gotten overwhelmed before), I was finally confident enough to give it a go.

What I was able to simulate and experience that day — brought me to tears, Norb. And today, three days later, I’m sitting here at 6:18 a.m. on a Sunday STILL marveling at it.

And that was the old game….

From 05:00 in-game (or whenever) until it was done —- it was pure brain power and adrenaline and fun and craziness….but when it was over and the carnage lay there before me as I’m sure it did in real history…I cried…

What you are doing here makes me so proud. And it makes me hopeful somehow.

Not only is the simulation intense, stressful, fun — thrilling — devastating at times and ALL of that (from the perspective of a commander), but from the perspective of an historical observer…you are helping people see what all those poor bastards in the ranks had to deal with in a full day’s pitched ACW battle.

At times, with a little imagination employed (over the graphics and functionality) I could finally see what it must have ALL really been like out there. The WHOLE spectacle. All of it.

And that was the old game.

Thanks for this, Norb. For me, Waterloo and Napoleonics is fun —- but ACW is personal. I can’t wait to see what comes next.
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