Mod trouble

Game won't run. Keeps crashing. Hopefully we won't get any posts here, but if we do, we'll try to help you out. You can also post any bugs that you find here. IMPORTANT: Don't post mod related problems here!
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Mod trouble

Post by Wolfman »

Have been trying to get true grounds gettysburg to work pictures for generals are mixed up no clue what I'm doing wrong, my mod order is correct to my knowledge but still not working

:4k packed art,cav,et al


:TC2M SOW infantry mod

: True grounds maps-gettysburg- the big picture

: true grounds sr1

: true grounds sr1 II


:TC2M SOW infantry sr1
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Re: Mod trouble

Post by RebBugler »

It's been a while so I had to rethink some stuff and after testing it out this was my latest priority setup using your preferences. Let me know how it works and please post your observations or questions in the 'True Ground SR1' listing in the GB Mods section.

Only use these enabled mods with SR1 play and they MUST be prioritized as so:
TG SR1 compatible mods.jpg
TG SR1 compatible mods.jpg (307.32 KiB) Viewed 887 times

And thanks for your interest!
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